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Keith Olbermann

Tomorrow night at 7 PM EDT which is 6 PM CDT Keith Olbermann RETURNS, and has he has been missed during this time of trials and tragedies for the poor and middle class.

It is said you have to be a left leaning fringe progressives to like Olbermann, I reject that, I have always been an moderate independent and in most years I have voted a split ticket. Moderate Indpendent to me means I am pro-choice for women rights but anti abortion PERSONALLY!

My voting though might change if the Repbublicans continue to redo our country so the division in the wealth continues to go the way that history shows happened right before the GREAT Depression. What they don’t get is if you do away with the middle class and you have only the rich and the poor workers who become willing to work for wages their family cannnot live on, get medical treatment or education, eventually you will have the very rich jumping from windows on Wall Street. Think back to before 1929 Hoover and the Republicans and the great division in wealth. It took us over a decade to recover. I am now glad that I sat and listen to my family talk about the great depression, how they survive and how President Franklin Delano Roosevelt saved our nation.

Anyway back to what this is about WELCOME BACK TO OUR HOME Keith Olbermann, I am sure I will shed a few tears as I listen to you tomorrow night.

I encourage each of you to tune in and make sure the 225,000 to 250,000 core viewers that Olbermann has always had are there tomorrow night. Tell a neighbor, friend or family member to tune in. The free clinics… back…. the voice to power no matter the party…. back… the voice for the silent majority…. back the voice to keep Medicare (which Texas just privatize so take notice of Rick Perry as he woos the nation…. back…. the voice that we each have a right to live in our birth land…back …… the voice to save Social Security even as it has been gobbled up by the cost of living…. back.

On DirecTV you can watch Keith Olbermann on channel 358, on Comcast Cable channel 107 Times Warner in New York channel 103 in the rest of the country channel 142 Dish Net Work 196, Verizon Fios channel 192, AT &T U=VERSE channel 189. If you have a different form of cabel you can go to, on the middle of page on the right is a place to put in your zip code and it will tell you how to find Countdown with Keith Olbermann, WOW doesn’t just saying that sound good… If you have Suddenlink and other cable providers they might not offer Current TV you can mount an email demand to have it added to your cable comapany.

Join us and then give us your feedback on Keith Olbermann’s long awaited return to our home.

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June 19, 2011
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