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Straight Talk with John J Nazarian, Nazarian is going to explain to us not living in California why both sides were not happy today, and why did Judge Pastor hint that the D. A. office might have sought second degree murder?

Because of the “realignment” of how cases are sorted in California, what Dr. Murray was found guilty of is not something that Judge Pastor had the ability to send Dr. Murray to state prison for even ONE day, the sentence HAS to be in County Jail which we know is letting prisoners go early on “none violent” convictions. Dr. Conrad Murray’s conviction in relation to the death of Michael Jackson is considered under California sentencing guidelines as a “none violent crime”, therefore the most that Judge Pastor could give Murray was 4 years in county jail.

Murray has already lost his license it appears from what is said in court today. That is what Edward M. Chernoff said while arguing for probation and no jail time. Judge Pastor made it clear he had nothing to do with any lost license to practice when Murray get’s out of L. A. County Jail.

Judge Pastor gave Murray the maximum of 4 years in county jail, so what does that really equal with the crowded county jail and this being a none violent crime by the realignment act passed in 2011? John Nazarian is here to explain that to all who do not live in the land of California criminal courts.

Judge Pastor also ruled in “victim” restitution that Murray pay an $800 restitution fine, $30 court fee, and a $40 criminal assessment fee. Murray must supply DNA to be put in the criminal data base.

However, for now Judge Pastor is not having any of the paying appropriate restitution to Jackson’s children of over $100 million appears for now to be way out of the ball park, even to Judge Pastor; thus Judge Pastor will set a new date for a restitution hearing for Jackson’s children which will be held without Dr. Conrad being present in January.

However using Lindsay Lohan and how many times judges have ordered her to stay for X number of days or months with her to only walk in a day John Nazarian will explain that once the county sheriff takes Murray’s care in his facility today just how long will Dr. Murray really remain an inmate?

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