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Casey Anthony hugging Caylee Anthony

Here is the latest batch of Forensic Evidence Reports being referred to during testimony by the State of Florida against Casey Anthony for the first degree murder of her daughter of Caylee Anthony.

I also wondered this morning with the state witness on Saturday that the state spent over $23,000 for 30 minutes expert testimony could they have also provided funding for the FBI research of hair banding?

We will be adding additional forensic reports in updates to this article throughout today so be sure and check back often.


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Here is a color seating chart of who gets to sit where in this trial. Sends out International Plea Quoting Rose Speaks very own Lyndal Harrington to “Help Our Fellow Bloggers Out” (0 downloads)

That all said here is a list of documents I have found for your reading as you follow the trial that addresses the forensics:

First up is the partial depositions of Depositions on Internet searches for chloroform

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Forensics Reports from Experts of Bone Analysis and Reports on Caylee Marie Anthony.

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We will be adding additional Forensic Reports Today on Testimony from Experts. So check back and refresh the page for the latest reports to go with the testimony.

For your quick reference here is the State’s Witness List of potential persons to be called during their case:

Rose Speaks Moderator Files Amended Motion to Quash as Requested and Virgie Arthur’s lawyer Neil McCabe pulls Subpoena Temporarily. (0 downloads)

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