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Straight Talk with Celebrity P. I. John J. Nazarian’s guests tonight at 7 PM PST – 10 PM PST are retired homicide detectives and partners for the L.A.P.D., Robert A.”Bob” Jakucs and William “Bill” Cox.

Robert Jakucs and William Cox will be discussing two or three top cases they worked as partners while at the L. A. P. D. as homicide detectives that have been totally adjudicated.

John Nazarian with Robert Jakucs and William Cox worked on some cases in the world of a celebrity P. I. in Hollywood, Bob and Bill will discuss the meticulous job John did with two of his favorite go to guys on his cases, what were the cases, and how did they remain friends after working with John.

If there is time they will also talk about congress not working out a budget in the “super committee” which then pushed the have to button that the defense department had to make deep cuts; and now to go forward President Obama’s decision to save the boots on the ground and cutting some of the U. S. Marine Corps troops and spending the money on drones in the future for the protection from war for the U. S. and as a first strike and like have been used to get Osama Bin Laden and keeping Gaddafi pinned down in Libya.

Robert Jakucs

Robert Jakucs

Robert A. Jakucs – Retired Det. L.A.P.D
Robert A. Jakucs is a retired Los Angeles Police Department Detective with over 30-years of investigative experience. During his distinguished career with the L.A.P.D he worked such high-profile assignments as Homicide, Hollywood Vice, SWAT, Robberies, Burglaries, Complex Thefts, and gang-related shootings. He was a member of the Night Stalker Task Force that investigated the serial murderer Richard Ramirez. Robert Jakucs is also a consultant for national television specializing in private and police investigation issues and has appeared on the news shows Nightline, 20/20 and Inside Edition.

William Cox was a Los Angeles Police Detective who retired in 2007 after 32 years
William Cox worked in a variety of assignments including uniformed patrol, CRASH (gang detail) in South-Central and West Los Angeles areas. He also worked homicides for over 20 years and finished his career in Robbery-Homicide Division (RHD) which handles major cases including serial killers, multiple murders, media and high-profile cases, officer-involved shootings, and assaults and murders on police officers. He also worked the Rampart Corruption Task Force for two years. William Cox was also involved or handled several high-profile cases over the years including the Kimes (mother-son grifters who were responsible for 3 murders in LA, NY, and the Bahamas); the Goetz of the West case; the murder of the pregnant mother at LAX; plus several others.

William Cox has appeared on Investigative Discovery channel, 48 Hours, and E-entertainment. He is currently employed by the US State Dept. as a background investigator.

William Cox’s last case he worked on at RHD was a Chinese immigrant student attending USC who had gone to a frat party and had attempted to pull a gun and start shooting students. He was wrestled to the ground by other students who then called police. After a search warrant was served on the suspect’s apartment Cox and three other detectives were sent to NY City to investigate and attempt to identify approximately 20 persons he had targeted to possibly kill. (This incident occurred shortly after the mass murders at West Virginia Tech.) Cox was also working on a murder where a husband set his car and wife on fire on the Golden State Frwy. Cox had also been working (for the past four years) on a double homicide that had occurred in 2002 wherein two victims were killed in their car and their car set on fire. That murder was the story that 48 Hours has done and shown on television in February 2011.

Comment telephone lines are always open to call in throughout the one hour show at 818-572-8030 (long distance charges do apply). We encourage you join in the discussion. or ask John and his guests any questions you have.

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Daniel DiCriscio and Paula Jones

Paula Jones and I had an amazing “reunion” the other night after 13 years of not seeing one another, because she moved to Arkansas after Jones v Clinton was thrown out. We did keep in touch in other ways though. She sent me an email a month ago alerting me that she would be coming to LA and wanted to see me. Going back in time, you remember her, the woman who sued President William Clinton for Sexual Harassment, and of course I being the man who did her high profile makeover during her tete a tete with Clinton? We even flew together to the deposition of then President Bill Clinton and, boy, what a ride that was for me, as I am sure for her as well, too! Those scandals can change one’s life overnight, and sometimes forever!

Well, here we are present day 2011. President Obama is having a birth certificate dilemma courtesy of Mr. Donald Trump, who might be running for the upcoming presidency. I hear Rosie O’Donnell said that “The Donald” should stay on his Apprentice show and not enter the ring for President because he doesn’t support gay marriage equality, Oh My! Then you have all these tornadoes hitting parts of the Midwest and practically leveling Tuscaloosa, Alabama and killing almost 200 people; my prayers go out to the family’s who have lost loved ones.

Well, April 27, 2011, Paula and I had our long awaited and overdue “Reunion”! When we first saw one another we squealed with joy and hugged! Paula and I were friends during the scandal and remained all these years later. Paula looked just like she did back in 1998, and she said I haven’t changed a bit either! After we hugged and looked at one another, we preceded to walk, hand in hand, through the enchantingly beautiful Grove Mall, you know, the place where they film Extra!, the entertainment program hosted by Mario Lopez?

It was a summer-type evening and the weather cooled down to a comfortable temperature. At one point of our walking thru The Grove, more towards The Farmer’s Market end, and we were surrounded by paparazzi. Paula and I did “our thing” for the camera’s and then decided to have dinner at Marmalade Cafe. The paparazzi continued to shoot us while we were seated at our table. Of course TMZ was there! LOL! Tmz asked us about Donald Trump for President and Paula and I together said “4 thumbs up!”, and put our thumbs up!

During our dinner, Paula and I, and her friend from Arkansas who came with her as well, were chatting up a storm! Paula and I would laugh so hard because Paula would start laughing at me saying “Daniel, you are just like me” referring to “my vanity” when the camera’s were around. I carry a “puff” in my back pocket to keep the shine off my forehead, shiny forehead’s are not that attractive in pics, LOL! Anyway, Paula and I were discussing a “secret project” we’re are planning on doing together, but I cannot tell you what it is about, besides, she may even appear on my reality show! Shhhh!

One of the photo agencies actually placed our “Celebrity Sightings” reunion photos right next to Kate Middleton’s photo, Prince William’s Bride to be! I even chatted the paps about the upcoming Royal Wedding!

Paula really is a fun woman. She makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. There is no pretense with her. Paula and I always got along well, even back when. This reunion, we were going to “kick our heels up” and have a blast for once, considering during the scandal, we couldn’t.

At one point during dinner, I told Paula that a Dancing with the Stars contestant, Chris Jericho, that was kicked off last week had just walked by, and she was like “Daniel, Where?!” It is fun to people watch at The Grove, you never know who you will see!

After dinner, I told her let’s go to Katsuya, a famous Sushi Restaurant and Bar on Hollywood and Vine. Katsuya has a lot of famous people that go there like: The Kardashians, Rhianna, Jay Z, Eva Longoria, just to name a few. When we arrived at the valet out front of Katsuya, we got pummeled by paparazzi again! I just stood up out of the car, and Bam!, Paparazzi everywhere! And again TMZ was there! Paula and I were surrounded by videographer and paparazzi taking our pictures and asking us questions about every current topic, including our “secret project” that we both blatantly laughingly said “It’s confidential right now”. We were at Katusya to go to the bar and checkout the “cool crowd” but it seems it was us! LOL! Joking of course! Jake Pavelka and Claudia Jordan also were at Katsuya! Paula and I were seated at the bar and took in the room. I noticed a lot of people looking at us through the sides of their eyes.

We stayed a bit at Katsuya and chatted more about our “secret project” and how our lives have changed and so on. Paula and I love to laugh and joke with one another. This is why it is fun to be with her. Some people may find her offensive because of her Clinton wrangling but after knowing Paula, she is the sweetest woman.

When we decided to leave Katsuya, the paparazzi was filming us already while we were inside the bar through the glass doors and side windows. I wasn’t aware until Paula said, “Oh no Daniel, there they go again!” I quickly poofed up her hair; we started laughing and exited down the entrance steps. The paparazzi didn’t miss a beat! Paula did say something sweet about the tornadoes and sounded very caring. The paparazzi even surrounded the car and kept shooting until we pulled off. I opened my window and in a faux southern accent said to the paps, “Bye Y’all!”

It really was a wonderful evening being with my good friend, Paula!

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John J. Nazarian - Judy Shepard - Pauley Perrette

On Sunday October 25, 2009, Nazarian and Associates provided services to my dear friend Pauley Perrette at the Hollywood United Methodist Church. Pauley and several hundred of her friends were host to “The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later,” a play telling the story of Matthew Wayne Shepard, who was tortured and murdered for being gay, in Laramie, WY eleven years ago. His mother, Judy Shepard, has since been tirelessly devoted to “Replace Hate with Understanding, Compassion, and Acceptance” and strengthening hate crimes legislation to include crimes against gays.

Shortly after midnight on October 7, 1998, 21-year-old Shepard met Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson in a bar. McKinney and Henderson offered Shepard a ride in their car. Subsequently, Shepard was robbed, pistol whipped, tortured, tied to a fence in a remote, rural area, and left to die. McKinney and Henderson also found out his address and intended to rob his home. Still tied to the fence, Shepard was discovered 18 hours later by Aaron Kreifels, who initially mistook Shepard for a scarecrow. At the time of discovery, Shepard was still alive, but in a coma.

Shepard suffered fractures to the back of his head and in front of his right ear. He had severe brain stem damage, which affected his body’s ability to regulate heart rate, body temperature and other vital functions. There were also about a dozen small lacerations around his head, face and neck. His injuries were deemed too severe for doctors to operate. Shepard never regained consciousness and remained on full life support. As he lay in intensive care, candlelight vigils were held by the people of Laramie.

Matthew Shepard

He was pronounced dead at 12:53 A.M. on October 12, 1998, at Poudre Valley Hospital in Fort Collins. Police arrested McKinney and Henderson shortly thereafter, finding the bloody gun as well as the victim’s shoes and wallet in their truck.

While providing services to the people attending the event I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Matthew’s mother Judy Shepard. Ms. Shepard visited and spoke to those attending the reading and answered questions. It was an honor to speak to and have a photo taken with Judy and Pauley.

President Obama signed into law the Mathew Shepard-James Byrd Hate Crimes Act on October 28, 2009…see the terrific video at Judy’s website, the Matthew Shepard Foundation.

So to all of you have been wondering what have I been up to, I am around and busy and will have some very interesting subject matters in the days and months to come.

The original article by John J. Nazarian can be found at the following URL, while there be sure and read more of Mr. Nazarian’s writings and insights.

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