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Gary Coleman ex Shannon Price pulls plug

Shannon Price, the former wife of Gary Coleman who was divorced from him on August 12, 2008 got to pull the plug? Many thought it was a little strange, but then again he fell while making her a snack and hit his head. The “Advanced Health Care Directive” stays in effect regardless of the marital status…what? I have dozens and dozens of DESPERATE EXES who could only wish upon a star for such an opportunity, girls can you imagine?

Utah Valley Regional Medical Center thought that Ms. Price and Gary were married! She was quoted as saying, “Why would I want to hurt my husband?“ Let me count the reasons. I love this one, “He would have died sooner or later,” this girl is funny and she is not trying to be. …

…I have listened to the interviews and recordings on TMZ and I am shocked that this woman was allowed to make any decisions, other than “would you like cheese on that?” I invite anyone to listen and tell me that I am wrong when I say the “lights are on but no one is home.” …The marriage and where he ended up in his final hours are nothing short of shocking from the stand point of did Ms. Price have the sense and heart to maybe take a little higher road and let time roll on for Gary Coleman?

Something I noticed over and over again as I listened to the interviews was “MONEY”, Yup, MONEY for this and MONEY for that, and I have no MONEY. My thoughts are that his estranged parents will step up and take care of this poor guy’s funeral….

NOTE FROM ROSE: The Hospital is investigating the incident saying Ms. Price represented her self as Mr. Coleman’s “current wife and next of kin”. However, the hospital also said that they don’t just take someone off of life support unless it is decision made by the doctors with the family giving the go head to do something like this. It might have been nice for the ex to wait until his parents and other close family members could have arrived from out of town.

Gary Coleman’s “family” states that they hope to have a memorial service in Salt Lake City Utah over the weekend, it was not stated in the AP article whether Ms. Price was also in charge of that as the ex-wife… OH wait, per, as of today Mr. Coleman’s parents are in the anger stage and are suing for possession of the remains to take Coleman “home” to Illinois and they want answers and that would be like TODAY!!! I have to agree the 911 call is cold, her ex-husband is dying and Ms. Price said blood made her sick and she could not go into the room where her ex-husband Gary Coleman was laying to apply pressure to his head until paramedics arrived… YUK!!!!!

If you don’t want your ex to decide to pull the plug, make sure you change you medical proxy and/or Living Will. I have both just to be sure there is no potential argument with family members of what I do want to happen and when.

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