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Kelly Thomas before and after being beaten by the Fullerton Police

I will be appearing tonight as a fill in guest on Straight Talk with John J Nazarian to debate the case of the beating to death of Kelly Thomas by the Fullerton Police and then pulling a gun on a citizen taping the beating.

Here is the promo:

A Debate of Citizen Journalist and Police Rights not to be Photographed

Join us today at 6:00 PM PDT – 9:00 PM EDT as John J. Nazarian debates Rose Turner of Rose on the right of citizen journalist who believe the police have crossed that thin blue line and become a gang of thugs beating someone to death. Do the police have the right to expect privacy while working and arrest citizens who take pictures of them and throw away the camera when the charges are dismissed. The newest out cry of allegations of police that become the thugs but with legal rights is the beating to death of Kelly Thomas in Fullerton California; the problem this time is that Kelly’s dad, Ron Kelly is a retired deputy sheriff, and he is calling this a gang killing only the criminals were wearing blue.

In a day of more crime and police with huge egos to match those big guns should they be filmed while on duty. The police state NO, they have the right to expect privacy at work and citizens cannot tape them because they have not given permission or filming them creates a public safety issues, thus justifying arresting the citizen. Often the citizen who is being arrested are standing on their own property or in a public area.

To join us in this discussion you might want to look at the video on this page and read the Illinois stat statute that makes filming any policeman is a FELONY Tape Us, Get Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison. Class 1 Felony of recording a conversation is just below the prison time you’d spend for murder.

Tune in I think I can win this debate…. LOL and of course I am for the “Citizen Journalist”, in my opinion it is one more tool to keep the powers in check so that we never become a police state. However after researching this I would say be AFRAID, very very afraid if states like Illinois new crazy law stands.

Here are some more links y’all might want to read, it is alarming how often this happens, like everyday in every city, in every county, in every state:

Fullerton Police Beat to Death Mentally Ill, Homeless Man.

In Texas Pierre Abernathy man in San Antonio killed by police ‘This is horrific’: Family wants answers after man’s beating.
San Antonio Man dies after clash with SAPD; family claims excessive force.
Man Dies After Being Tasered By SA Police. Victim Was Previously Involved In Similar Incident.

Now the most extreme example of photography crackdown yet has occurred. A man named Francisco Olvera was having a house party and was confronted by a local cop. “You will respect my authoritah!”. Olvera was detained on charges of illegal photography, public intoxication, and loud music. Since the arrest he has been acquitted of all charges and now is seeking punitive damages from the city for violation of his rights. Many courts on a state level have ruled that taking videos or photos of police using your phone qualifies as obstruction.

Miami Florida Cops vs. cameras: filming cops illegal.
Turn Off That Camera! Filming The Police At Work.
South Florida model jailed overnight for videotaping police officers.

The NPR article The Rules And Your Rights For Recording Arrests.

Rochester New York Good Citizen, Bad Arrest: New York Woman Arrested After Videotaping Police — From Her Own Front Yard. This one is written by Constitutional Law Professor Johathan Turley.
NY Woman Arrested for Videotaping Police Traffic Stop.

In the State of Maryland Should Videotaping the Police Really Be a Crime?

ABC News Growing Number of Prosecutions for Videotaping the Police.

After reading all of this I left saying WTF, there are no controls or checks and balances to keep rom becoming a police ran state?

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