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Breaking News: If you are a private person or a security person or private investigator or for that matter a criminal, have no fear about placing a tracking device on a private vehicle! This is great news for all the sleuths who thought it was illegal, well, kinda sorta, in the “old” Los Angeles. But today, track away!!!

Brief details: a few weeks ago a very nice couple while lowering the tailgate on their Range Rover noticed that the bottom half would not work, it got stuck. Upon looking further a little black box was found, about half the size of a cigarette pack….what??? Upon looking a little further it was discovered to be a GPS Tracking Device from Lightning secured in this little black box. It was about to get a little more strange, this couple had nothing to do with any craziness other than one issue. That issue was a friend, who was going through a very nasty divorce. This friend had to surrender her leased car in a few weeks and to keep the mileage down. So this nice couple told her that she could use their Range Rover for a few weeks. Yes sireeeee, their car and registered to just the two of them. Well it was during the period that the “friend” had their car that this STALKING device had been secretly and without permission stuck under their Range Rover, who might do such a thing? Some “crazy,” a stalker, the government or a soon to be former husband who is having problems with the inevitable, as in “see ya sweetie”??

The desire to know is ever present in our society and that is exactly why laws were enacted to protect people from unauthorized snooping. Thank God that we the public are protected against this stuff being done to us, we are “protected”…NOT! Read on.

Well the Los Angeles Police were called and it was explained to the operator what we had found. The dispatcher on the other end told us to take the tracking device to the North Hollywood Police Department and make the report, serious stuff, right? NOT! We go down to the police station and are greeted by Officer McClaren, a nicer young officer you will not find in the City of Angels. He upon hearing the story tells us that he does not believe it to be a crime. I wait a few moments and tell him that it is a crime. Several minutes later he tells me, “you are right,” well, I smile my friendliest smile and tell him “I know.” The good officer takes down all the important information. This is when it gets good, he now takes it back to the detective on duty. I am now praying that the detective understands how serious this is. After a few minutes, a very nice detective by the name of Torres comes out and tells us that “this is a crime” and that they will take the device into evidence and at some point a search warrant will be issued. “Good,” we say and walk away waiting for justice. As everyone knows you cannot just put tracking devices on cars, especially if you are not the registered owner, and plus what would the world be coming to if this could be done by anyone with no penalties, RIGHT? Wrong!

Well, this case fell into the hands of Detective Burns of the North Hollywood Detective Division of the Los Angeles Police Department. Things will move along now, right? WRONG! And you could perhaps tell that the suspense that had us on the edge of the seat wanting to find who did this was not shared with Detective Burns. It was reported to us that he told one of the parties that he had “better things to do” and far more serious crimes to investigate than this one. And that he would do his “report” and bring it to the City Attorney’s Office of Carmen A. Trutanich for their review and potential prosecution, and get back to us. ( Note: As a cop you can write a report to set someone free or send them to the gas chamber….can you guess what is going to happen here folks? ) Well we were notified Thursday, May 13, 2010 that the City Attorney won’t file on the case and that we can feel free to come and pick up the “evidence.” And the good detective is moving on to better things! Yes Sireeeee, welcome to the modern LAPD.

One huge reason the police don’t know what to do with this TECHNO STALKING is that the devices are seldom found. And there are thousands in service throughout the world without the knowledge of the driver. I have only been contacted three times by people who have found GPS tracking on their cars themselves…sometimes, not often, the people who place tracking systems on cars screw up, such as in this case. But we have removed hundreds of them from cars over the years when asked to check and locate GPS systems, often put on by one suspicious spouse to track the other…it is fun? Right? Sure, you can tell where the vehicle and driver is going and where he or she has been. Now I always thought that this was a HUGE issue and we had to be careful not to violate the law….NOT IN LOS ANGELES folks, it is just not serious enough of a crime to take serious.

This car was not registered to either party involved in the divorce, and the people who pulled off this crime got away with it. With the attitude of the LAPD and the City Attorney not wanting to get involved, what message is being sent? My thoughts are of all the STALKERS, WIFE BEATERS, AND FOR PEOPLE WHO WOULD DO HARM IN GENERAL! This day could be considered a holiday for all of those who like tracking and stalking victims and targets. The doors that these people are opening for people to track others is off the chart. What better way to keep track of someone you might want to murder or molest?

And to all of you security people, private investigators and criminals, don’t even worry your little mind, go ahead, nothing will happen. Just be sure to stay within the city limits of Los Angeles and you won’t have a thing to be concerned with. And even better if you do this in the area of the North Hollywood Division of the Los Angeles Police Department…”what is the big deal?”

NOTE FROM ROSE: We are going to do some follow-up articles on this week if Mr. Nazarian elects not to, legal stalking??? WOW!!!

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