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Anna Nicole Smith

Seldom do I ever get a chance to just unwind and relax and think nothing except just the food I am eating. Well I got together with a ‘re-new’ old friend, does that make any sense? Let me explain, I met Daniel DiCriscio years ago, a very long time ago. He was employed at the Jose Eber Salon and had just launched his music career. Funny as it seems I remember that CD and it was not bad. I was developing my new business and offices and Daniel was busy with his hair and as I said his music. This guy has some real talent other than being ‘Daniel’. Go ahead and Google him, after you Google me.

Recently his mom died and we communicated both by phone and email and I could hear the pain in his voice as well as in his writings. His emotions were ones that had escaped me during similar circumstances that I had and I felt bad that he was at a loss in his mother’s death. We spoke further and again, it was good for me in away that is hard for me to explain.

Well through the last couple of years Daniel has assisted me in a few projects and he, like myself are tough to miss. He has a presence! The great blond hair and of course his style of dress, too bad those in power during the Anna Nicole Show missed him and found that ‘mess’ who played too many episodes. Booby Bobby or Bobby Boob, whatever. The two of us make an interesting ‘set’, black and white, sour and sweet, Beauty and , well enough, you get my point.

I suggested we get together for a bite to eat and the amazing thing here is that we are both very entertaining when it comes to the rich and famous. It was to the point I was wondering how have we missed what could be one of the best duos since Dean and Jerry, Amos and Andy, Jan and Dean, and maybe even Mutt and Jeff. My point here is that we could both have a new career, we had each other laughing and on serious points we were both on target. Especially, our thoughts on Anna Nicole Smith as well as others both in and out of Hollywood. My perspective is sarcastic and stinging; Daniel has what I call a ‘snap’, like get over it. Call me a little odd, but I was very entertained and realized it was just him and me.

I am posting this picture to make my point, when it comes to ‘Hollywood Insiders’ no one can come close to either one of us. And we both understand how far to the line we can come after all of these years bumping around Hollywood. Speaking for myself, there are things that I would never speak of and a book, is never going to happen. For Daniel the stories about Elizabeth Taylor alone could fill two chapters in his book. My time with Miss Taylor could fill maybe ten pages….thanks Adam! I recall my first encounter with Peerez Hilton and thought, “ Beast “, and having to do a short pilot with him, Lisa Stanley of KRTH ( she is the best ) and Ryan Seacrest’s assistant, what’s her name……the painful part was Peerez Hilton…and those feet!

All I am saying is watch, there could very well be some very interesting ‘tea’ coming along and presented in away that only two people in this town could present, John & Daniel or Daniel & John……that will be a hump to stroll over… time.

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March 22, 2011
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