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Joe Jackson - Dr. Conrad Murray - Katherine Jackson

Ok folks, Dr. Conrad Murray heads to opening statements on May 9, 2011, trial to be televised. As of today the latest “defense” is Michael Jackson was so depressed and scared about money he killed himself. Ah the Google alerts pouring in, and the rumor that one of Murray’s top lawyers has been offered a “reality show” at the end of the trial.

There is a hearing on April 11, 2011 at 10:00 A. M. on Howard Mann and Vintage Pop Motion to Dismiss the lawsuit initiated by the Executors and Administrators of Jackson’s Estate, John Branca and John McClain. In scanning through the exhibits I came across one that Joe and Katherine Jackson with some of the other family members went bankrupt in 2000 and in 2002 the Bankruptcy Trustee sold some of the rights to Howard Mann. So this suit might not be as open and shut as it looks. I suggest you download the papers and let us know what you think:

[Download not found]
Anna’s Estate KO’d Dr Johnson and family in first round for Dannielynn (0 downloads)

On the same date at the same time the Court will be hearing the Request for Judicial Ruling by Howard Mann and Vintage Pop here are those papers:

Horizons Show Down in Bahamas Tomorrow!!! (0 downloads)
GBT Vague about what “Threats” Kept Him from Attending the Hearing Today! (0 downloads)
Questions about GBT, FS, and Company I have, and it looks like the court might share! (0 downloads)
Have you ever heard the term “Politics are like a contact sport in Texas”? Well that Ain’t nothing compare to the sport of Texas lawsuits! (0 downloads)
O’Quinn missed his “photo-op” this morning! Howard K. Stern was not required to be at Deposition! (0 downloads)

Then there are the required Notice of Interested Parties, Joiner in the Motions, the Opposition Reply by the Estate and the Response to the Reply by Mann and Vintage Pop. All of these are set for hearing in Los Angeles Federal Court if you are in town that day, drop by listen to the lawyers and tell us what you think and more important what all of this is going to end up costing Michael Jackson’s three children. It gives greed a whole new meaning.

Part Two: Substantial Truth! Stern vs. O'Quinn (0 downloads)
Part three: Libel per se and Malice- Stern vs. O'Quinn (0 downloads)
No Texas Barbeque, Just Ham and Tuna in O’Quinn Country as Lin Wood Comes a Calling! (0 downloads)
Stern Squares off at O’Quinn with Facts, “only the Facts M’am”, as Dragnet Used to Say! (0 downloads)
“All I can tell him is bring it on, bring it on, hell I have faced the devil I am ready”, says FS to Howard! (0 downloads)
Up Date on Blood Money, it Appears the Hemorrhaging has not Stopped – Making Money from Anna Nicole! (0 downloads)

Just to make sure you have all of the documents that lead up to this hearing, here is the Original Complaint by the Estate of Michael Jackson filed against Howard Mann, Vintage Pop et. al.

[Download not found]
$950k: Why would GBT, FS, and Company of Money and Real Estate Moguls Write This Off? (0 downloads)
Next Horizons’ Court Hearing, in August in the Bahamas, Where oh Where is Art Harris? (0 downloads)
Fighting O'Quinn's Response!! (0 downloads)
Road Trip!!! O’Quinn invites Stern and lawyers for GREAT Discussions and Texas Barbeque?? (0 downloads)
[Download not found]
Opri Waits Until after the Holidays of 2006 to make Birkhead Cry! (0 downloads)
Opri was Opri'd! Or is that Just Wishful Thinking??? (0 downloads)

We are getting the Michael Jackson documents connected first under the new software, and as every time we have changed, simplified, tried to make the site more user friendly there are a LOT of burbs. THE ONLY DOCUMENTS AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD ON THE SITE ARE THE ONES LISTED ON THE NEW DOWNLOAD SECTION AT THE UPPER TOP RIGHT HAND SIDE. We are tweaking with the coding. So far the I. E. browser is user friendly with the downloads; Fire Fox is not as much, you have to line your mouse up towards the left hand side of the error on the download button to get the document, EXCEPT when you download them from the article. Thus like with this one of the multiple Michael Jackson trials we will list all of the documents in the articles. We are trying to see what happens if you use Chrome. WE FULLY expect to have this all tweaked and working for all browsers by no later than Saturday. IF YOU WANT A DOCUMENT FROM AN OLDER TRIAL (I. E. MOST OF THE ANNA NICOLE SMITH CASES) EMAIL US AND WE WILL GET IT TO YOU ON AN INDIVIDUAL REQUEST We will be doing a short article everyday with the list of downloads that have been transferred to the new system, but also check the Download page daily.

Now with all of that said we have televised trials coming up. I have three sites I like if you intend to watch the Casey Anthony Case that we will do brief lead-in articles on their daily coverage. If you have a site you like let us know and we will contact the owners to see what we can work out with them. IF YOU want an area to discuss the Casey Anthony trial get with Diamond Girl to get a general discussion area for the trial in the community section. We have several members that will be watching that trial as well as several that will be watching the Dr. Conrad Murray Manslaughter trial. Again you can get in touch with Diamond Girl if you want a daily general discussion section set up in the community during Murray’s Trial.

If you want to twitter during the coverage of either trials here to our site email us and we will get that set up. We are going to be enlarging the area on the side of each main page for twitters during both trials.

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