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Sean Stewart - the other man

Batter up! Well that is what it seemed when I saw two of my friends in court, Peter Lauzon, Esq. and none other than Neil Hersh, Esq. Peter is representing Jason Kendall and Neil is representing Chantel Kendall, and it is nothing less than “you’re out!” Jason Kendall is a ball player with the Kansas City Royals. Peter was nice enough to introduce me, and Mr. Kendall seems like a real nice guy. It was a 5-6 year marriage and I have no idea what went wrong, but certainly it seemed like it was 5+ very long innings. And I would not hold my breath waiting for any “overtime,” this game is “rained out,” for good.

I spoke to Chantel briefly and she too seems very nice, great-looking gal, tall and slender and she was carrying a great handbag. …Commissioner James D. Endman is presiding over the case, Neil Hersh and Peter Lauzon were very nice to each other as they postured for a serious bombing run of each others’ clients, the calm before the storm if you will. And with these two titans of divorce you know that it will get ugly, it has to and why you ask? Sean Stewart…who? SEAN STEWART, Rod Stewart’s kid…he is the other man! I am not sure when he popped up but he is there and it has to be a little chafing to Mr. Kendall to see him around his soon-to-be-ex wife.

It is reported that Chantel Kendall and Sean Stewart met in re-hab, …He too seemed like a nice kid and who am I to judge, we are all who we are. …

…But how cool must it be to be Rod Stewart’s kid? Sean has had years of difficulty with drugs and alcohol and has fought a tough battle with those demons. …the stress of a divorce can push even a strong and sober individual over the edge…remember, divorce is a nasty and horrible experience. …

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March 10, 2010
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