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Daniel DiCriscio St. Jude’s Children Hospital Charity Celebrity Fashion Show December 2008

Daniel DiCriscio and Perez Hilton (Mario Lavandeira) at St. Jude’s Children Hospitals Charity Celebrity Fashion Show Dec 2008, Daniel DiCriscio was a celebrity model, hence the get up and makeup! A fun night and all proceeds went to the children of St. Jude’s Hospitals.

Ok back to the seriousness of the article: First Amendment? Freedom of Speech? I don’t know about that!

I am sure a lot of the world caught the Miss USA debacle between Carrie Prejean and Perez Hilton, real name Mario Lavandeira, last (give me a date here). The issue: gay marriage v. Christian values? I don’t know if that is exactly what that was all about, but I was holding back from writing about this but I have a question? “Are we being bullied by Perez Hilton’s own beliefs?” Or… I am quite shocked at why, first of all, Perez was chosen as a judge for the Miss USA pageant? He writes a Celebrity Gossip Site, no? Donald Trump…what is up with that? Not only did this Miss USA pageant pull the lowest ratings ever, it now makes me sad to see that the pageant has turned “political”. It use to be fun, to watch and fantasize, but now it isn’t that much fun.

I thought that Carrie Prejean answered Perez’s question with dignity and honesty and kept her, some would call, “archaic” values but hey, those are her values! And she even prefaced her answer with “Not to offend anyone” and she did it all with a smile. I guess Carrie isn’t allowed to speak her mind. I thought that in the USA we have the First Amendment, Freedom of Speech? I am not saying at all that I am a Carrie supporter or a Perez supporter, but I feel Perez snuck in a “firecracker” question. Yes, gay marriage should be discussed, but remember, you can’t please everybody. We don’t need mass “brainwashing” on this subject, just education and information. We can’t change the world overnight and alienate and intimidate just for a cause. That is unethical, and unfair. I thought this country had progressed more than this. Why should she be afraid to say she is for gay marriage or not? She can say whatever she wants. This is the United States of America! Land of the Free, etc. etc.!

What I saw happen between Perez and Carrie reminded of a high school “bully” picking on another student. Then to have Perez go and call her a “stupid bitch”, was classless and made him less credible, to me. I heard he apologized to her and asked her to go have coffee that is lame. Day late and a dollar short Perez. I guess the shocker is that Perez asked a “Christian girl” a gay marriage question, “woohoo” Perez!

I even saw on Bill O’Reilly’s show a gay advocate say he wouldn’t be friends with someone who didn’t back gay marriage, and Bill cornered the gay advocate guest and had the guy in a tizzy, discussing the Miss USA debacle.

We don’t want war overseas but it seems the war is here in this country: Gay v Straight! I myself don’t feel that this is what we need to happen. Who is to say what is right and wrong? Definitely not me, nor anyone else.

I know you have to fight sometimes for what is right, but big changes take time. Marriage is for 2 people, no matter what, who want to spend their lives together and love one another, etc. Didn’t Obama say almost the same thing she did? I just hope that we can think and say the way we feel without a war breaking out in our own country. Not over this!

For those of you who missed the debacle here is the question by Perez!

And then his response after the firestorm!

“I would like to hear what you “the readers” think?”

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April 23, 2009
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