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Lin Wood Attorney, giving one of his infrequent interviews

Lin Wood Attorney, giving one of his infrequent interviews

In full disclosure, I have never followed the JonBenet Ramsey case, it happened way before this site opened; and other than highlights, including DNA clearing the Ramsey family members in 2008, I have paid little attention.

Imagine my surprise when a Google alert for one of our favorite lawyers, L. Lin Wood, dropped into my email box last Friday announcing a new $750 million dollar lawsuit filed by the brother, Burke Ramsey, against CBS. This kind of money and this big of a network got my attention.

I have read all weekend on the background, and pulled all of the documents I could find on past and current events in regards to the “greatest unsolved murder in America”.

We are going to do several articles on this during this week with documents, interviews and youtube links included.

Let’s start with the documents I have found:

First is Burke Ramsey’s suit against CBS for defamation: Ramsey-v.-CBS-Complaint-with-Exhibits-reduced-size.pdf (370 downloads)

Second is the Burke Ramsey suit against Dr. Werner Spitz filed for $150 million following the docu-series aired by CBS in which Dr. Spitz stated that all of the evidence pointed to Burke Ramsey as being the killer of his little sister: Burke-Ramsey-vs-Werner-Spitz-1.pdf (399 downloads) There is a Motion to Dismiss filed by Dr. Spitz under the premise he was stating a theory and not making a factual assessment and as such he is protected by the First Amendment. There is a hearing on this in Feb. in Wayne County Michigan and we will get more on that up as soon as we can.

Third, we have the JonBenet Ramsey Autopsy Report. jonbenet_ramsey_autopsy.pdf (395 downloads) As I read through this I remembered why I don’t like to cover children’s murders. The autopsy is always a little hard to read for me, it is so sterile and so medical that I give you a warning. If you are like me this Autopsy Report will be disturbing.

I will be putting up the ransom note and the 93 page court order from the Wolf vs Ramsey suit in which a federal judge went over all of the evidence and determined this was an intruder and not a member of the family, during this series of writings this week.

We need to remember that JonBenet was 6 when she was murdered. ┬áHer brother, Burke Ramsey, was only 9. The injuries she suffered as described in the lawsuit filed against CBS……I find it hard to believe, after seeing the pictures of Burke at that age, that it would be possible for him to do this type of damage. I will get into that over the following days.

If you know of any more documents out there we can find on this case, please email us or send them to us anonymously if you prefer. Everything received on these ongoing lawsuits, like with other cases, we will keep confidential.

I did watch a tape of the CNN special that was shown in November or December that we had taped. At the end of that hour, they noted that the new D. A. for Boulder is going to conduct new DNA tests in 2017. The last ones were in 2008 and DNA continues to make advances.

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By Rose Turner
January 1, 2017
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