Los Angeles trial lawyer and former sports agent Michael Lance "Mike" Trope

Los Angeles trial lawyer and former sports agent Michael Lance “Mike” Trope

Micheal Trope, L. A. attorney wins Appeal B254719 for client Randall Douthit.

In August 2015 via the divorce of Randall Douthit and Patrice Jones though the appellate process we get a rare look at how Hollywood lives. Randall Douthit produced the “Judge Judy” show and the divorce with Patrice Jones ended up not being that nice.

We get a look at what homes are valued at as they go on the market, how much a Malibu Home is worth in monthly rent. We even get down to china, silverware and the worth of furniture.

This lengthy divorce once again proves you do much better to settle between yourselves or hire a mediator. In this case the wife changed lawyers and experts multiple times and ended up with the court costs. She also had to pay the appellate fees for her ex-husband to defend himself.

The whole process began in 2007 when the husband filed for a divorce because he felt he was drowning in debt ran up by his wife of twelve years. It ended with the Decision being handed down in August of 2015 by the appellate court. That’s 8 years fighting over china and silverware.

I have converted the full decision to a PDF file for this site as a lesson of why to settle nicely because the legal fees to keep the fight going will eat you up.


As you read through the document think “A Cautionary Tale”.

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By Rose Turner
March 22, 2016
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