John J Nazarian with new grandson Benjamin Michael

Good things always come in threes is what people say, well guess what they come in twos also. On October 9, 2011 at 11:03 AM my son Mike and his girlfriend Laura had a 6lb 10oz little boy, a bundle of joy, Benjamin Michael. This is my second grandson in less than two years, thus the “twos.” From the size of Laura I would have thought that she was going to have a baby in the 20 lb range.

To have the chance to enjoy another grand child is going to be fun, I get all the fun, when it gets too much it is a mere call for assistance and I can wait to enjoy another encounter at a later date. No diapers, no messes it is all pleasure, after all I am the grandfather who happens to be John J. Nazarian and why would I stress, “can’t we hire someone for that?”

Benjamin has one of the nicest nurseries I have ever seen, it is just wonderful and full of fun things and nothing was left out. Class! He is after all my grandson. Mike and Laura have done all the right things, bought a wonderful new home and have nothing but love and great times when they are together. They seem more like one and now after a great deal of ups and downs they have achieved their goal, a healthy baby boy, Benjamin. As for my other grandson, Benjamin will need a start someday and we need to take the responsibility seriously, that will be my job, Welcome to the world Benjamin.

Laura and Mike, all I can say, I can rest now,


From Ken and Rose and all here at congratulations to the Nazarian family

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