Daniel DiCriscio and Paula Jones

Paula Jones and I had an amazing “reunion” the other night after 13 years of not seeing one another, because she moved to Arkansas after Jones v Clinton was thrown out. We did keep in touch in other ways though. She sent me an email a month ago alerting me that she would be coming to LA and wanted to see me. Going back in time, you remember her, the woman who sued President William Clinton for Sexual Harassment, and of course I being the man who did her high profile makeover during her tete a tete with Clinton? We even flew together to the deposition of then President Bill Clinton and, boy, what a ride that was for me, as I am sure for her as well, too! Those scandals can change one’s life overnight, and sometimes forever!

Well, here we are present day 2011. President Obama is having a birth certificate dilemma courtesy of Mr. Donald Trump, who might be running for the upcoming presidency. I hear Rosie O’Donnell said that “The Donald” should stay on his Apprentice show and not enter the ring for President because he doesn’t support gay marriage equality, Oh My! Then you have all these tornadoes hitting parts of the Midwest and practically leveling Tuscaloosa, Alabama and killing almost 200 people; my prayers go out to the family’s who have lost loved ones.

Well, April 27, 2011, Paula and I had our long awaited and overdue “Reunion”! When we first saw one another we squealed with joy and hugged! Paula and I were friends during the scandal and remained all these years later. Paula looked just like she did back in 1998, and she said I haven’t changed a bit either! After we hugged and looked at one another, we preceded to walk, hand in hand, through the enchantingly beautiful Grove Mall, you know, the place where they film Extra!, the entertainment program hosted by Mario Lopez?

It was a summer-type evening and the weather cooled down to a comfortable temperature. At one point of our walking thru The Grove, more towards The Farmer’s Market end, and we were surrounded by paparazzi. Paula and I did “our thing” for the camera’s and then decided to have dinner at Marmalade Cafe. The paparazzi continued to shoot us while we were seated at our table. Of course TMZ was there! LOL! Tmz asked us about Donald Trump for President and Paula and I together said “4 thumbs up!”, and put our thumbs up!

During our dinner, Paula and I, and her friend from Arkansas who came with her as well, were chatting up a storm! Paula and I would laugh so hard because Paula would start laughing at me saying “Daniel, you are just like me” referring to “my vanity” when the camera’s were around. I carry a “puff” in my back pocket to keep the shine off my forehead, shiny forehead’s are not that attractive in pics, LOL! Anyway, Paula and I were discussing a “secret project” we’re are planning on doing together, but I cannot tell you what it is about, besides, she may even appear on my reality show! Shhhh!

One of the photo agencies actually placed our “Celebrity Sightings” reunion photos right next to Kate Middleton’s photo, Prince William’s Bride to be! I even chatted the paps about the upcoming Royal Wedding!

Paula really is a fun woman. She makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. There is no pretense with her. Paula and I always got along well, even back when. This reunion, we were going to “kick our heels up” and have a blast for once, considering during the scandal, we couldn’t.

At one point during dinner, I told Paula that a Dancing with the Stars contestant, Chris Jericho, that was kicked off last week had just walked by, and she was like “Daniel, Where?!” It is fun to people watch at The Grove, you never know who you will see!

After dinner, I told her let’s go to Katsuya, a famous Sushi Restaurant and Bar on Hollywood and Vine. Katsuya has a lot of famous people that go there like: The Kardashians, Rhianna, Jay Z, Eva Longoria, just to name a few. When we arrived at the valet out front of Katsuya, we got pummeled by paparazzi again! I just stood up out of the car, and Bam!, Paparazzi everywhere! And again TMZ was there! Paula and I were surrounded by videographer and paparazzi taking our pictures and asking us questions about every current topic, including our “secret project” that we both blatantly laughingly said “It’s confidential right now”. We were at Katusya to go to the bar and checkout the “cool crowd” but it seems it was us! LOL! Joking of course! Jake Pavelka and Claudia Jordan also were at Katsuya! Paula and I were seated at the bar and took in the room. I noticed a lot of people looking at us through the sides of their eyes.

We stayed a bit at Katsuya and chatted more about our “secret project” and how our lives have changed and so on. Paula and I love to laugh and joke with one another. This is why it is fun to be with her. Some people may find her offensive because of her Clinton wrangling but after knowing Paula, she is the sweetest woman.

When we decided to leave Katsuya, the paparazzi was filming us already while we were inside the bar through the glass doors and side windows. I wasn’t aware until Paula said, “Oh no Daniel, there they go again!” I quickly poofed up her hair; we started laughing and exited down the entrance steps. The paparazzi didn’t miss a beat! Paula did say something sweet about the tornadoes and sounded very caring. The paparazzi even surrounded the car and kept shooting until we pulled off. I opened my window and in a faux southern accent said to the paps, “Bye Y’all!”

It really was a wonderful evening being with my good friend, Paula!

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May 2, 2011
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13 Responses to “The Reunion – Tornadoes, Obama, Trump, Paula and Me by Daniel DiCriscio”
  1. hmm says:

    Got to say during former president Clinton’s second run I voted for Perot because I could not in good conscious vote for either of the other two.But Trump really??? you got to be kidding and so does Ms Jones, trump can’t even run his own business without filing bankruptcy and you think he could run a country Really????Yya think things are bad now ,he is a jerk out to make as much money as he can from the birther movement and he and others were made to look like fools.Just like palin is out to make as much as she can off her failed run and quitting of her governors job.

  2. Beth says:

    Hello hmm! I hope that you’ve been doing well!

    O/T }} for those who are interested in Keith O’s opinion… http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/05/03/olbermann-osama-bin-laden_n_856830.html
    * there are also videos of Keith on that link…

    “Keith Olbermann said that the death of Osama Bin Laden will forcefully alter the political landscape in America.

    In a “Special Comment” posted on his website Monday night, Olbermann said that the “least important but most fascinating” aspect of Bin Laden’s killing is that, in his words, Republicans will no longer be able to tell voters, “vote Democratic and you die.” He also said that Bin Laden’s death was a rebuke to the notion that torture was needed to fight terrorism,

    “None of that bestiality captured anybody, least of all Bin Laden,” he said. “…There is right now, only one oversimplification that matters anymore: Barack Obama got Osama Bin Laden. And every other political calculation, every strategy that suggests Democratic weakness or liberal uncertainty is…as dead as Bin Laden.””

  3. heath says:

    Thanks for the story Daniel…being an Aussie I am not sure who this lady is except for a Clinton connection.. but that was a long time ago and all I can say is Hilary is doing a good job.

    Especially this week.. They got that man.. not even going to say his name.

    I don’t care how they try and pull it apart… not armed.. a has been etc..

    The people on 9/11 weren’t armed either.

    All done in the name of religion…hasn’t this world lost enough in the name of religion?

  4. Liann says:

    Heath, I could not agree more.

    Anyone remember right after 9/11 and watching the news and how OBL’s followers were dancing in the streets rejoicing because the death of Americans? That angered me so much, ( no words can explain how I felt ), America united and you could feel it everywhere. He brought his terror to this and other countries. I have mixed feelings about wanting to see photos of him dead, I was shocked when I heard they got him and so happy and proud, but worried because all I kept thinking was OMG, who or what country will suffer loss at the hands of these crazy bastards in the name of religion now that he is dead?.

    One of the best things I heard after is how some Navy Seals were celebrating in San Diego. Been to Coronado many times and had lunch at the Hotel Del a few times and just watched our Navy men/women on the beach doing maneuvers on the beach. Well, I got to hand it to TMZ for saying this one from them.

    ” Osama was expecting his 72 virgins, instead he got 24 Virginians!” (The Navy SEAL team that executed the mission is based in Virginia.)


    The ship he was sent to Hell on is stationed off of Coronado in San Diego California.

    The WHOLE world should be proud that the Bastard is DEAD, and yeah I want to see his head blown-off.

    Also the Hotel Del is were L. Frank Baum wrote much of The Wizard of Oz stuff.

    I just wish peace to all the families affected directly and indirectly by this bastard. He killed so many and I am sure their families will never have peace but maybe some kind of closure now that he is dead.

  5. Liann says:

    On topic or maybe off… (not sure) . Donald Trump!!.. I just heard his speech to CPAC, ( I am not sure what that even stands for ) Anywho, I don’t have time to look that up. My point is, America should be run like a c.ompany.. Just like I thought California should have been with Meg. It is all failing!!!, ( the state of California and our Country as a whole with outsourcing and this Green BS, We are doomed!! imo ) and all Jerry is doing is making deals as I think Obama is doing the same. One of our biggest examples is TX and so, so many Californians want our system run like TX is!!!. OPEC is gouging Americans with the price of gas in raising the price of oil per barrel. Who in the Obama admin. is saying we are not going to pay that price???

  6. Ken says:

    Liann, CPAC stands for Conservative Political Action Committee. It’s the Repub’s big convention they hold, I think, every year.

  7. John J. Nazarian P.I. says:

    Lian that is a funny comment as to the ‘Virginians’! =))

  8. heath says:

    Happy Mothers Day Ladies. Hope you all get a little spoilt :)

  9. Liann says:

    #6, none of that matters to me. My point is, it is that it is understood and acknowledged that America is being gouged and Obama says he understands but offers NO solution. We, in my understanding are the biggest consumer and should be able to say we are not going to pay that price and shove it up your ass if they want to sell their oil at their prices, What??? Are they going to sell it to themselves???, They need us and treat us like (STUPID)!!!!!!! and America follows without hesitation and the Admin. just SUCKS IMO for allowing this!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks Ken for spelling my name right..

    I hope you all have a Great Mother’s Day!!!!

  10. Liann says:

    It is true. One of the biggest things I hear on talk radio is how Texas runs their legislature/Gov. How they only have a part-time legislature and are always under budget, They don’t F around and Gov. doesn’t waste money. Texas is run as a state as one the best in country.

  11. Ken says:

    Liann [10] try to live here in Texas and you might not think that. We have a budget deficit as big as, if not bigger, than California. The Legislature only meets for a few months every 2 yrs, which means they don’t get everything done that needs to be done. The state board of education just rewrote out countries history to fit their view and is planning on teaching their version (ie, more time spent teaching about Jefferson Davis, who was the president of the confederate states, they removed Ted Kennedy totally out, minimizing Thomas Jefferson).

  12. Ken says:

    Liann [5] You really don’t want this country ran as a business. Business are ran to make money, as profit is their goal. Get rid of the useless stuff and anything draining money, in the name of efficiency and profit. If it’s gonna be ran like that, what do you think they will do with all the people who retire or are disabled? Is the child who has MS or who can’t walk or who has autism gonna be productive enough in their view? Most likely not. In a business view, they would be a drain on the bottom line, as money would have to be spent to take care of them, with nothing in return. That does not fit into the business model. If all it does is costs money and there is no return, then it’s waste and will be cut.

    [9] Actually, they have two larger, fast growing markets that they can sell the oil to, other than us. India and China. We maybe the biggest consumer, at the moment, but they are gonna be catching, and passing us, soon.

  13. Ken says:

    new article up with hearing deadlines and legal papers to a whole bunch of cases.

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