John Branca and Katherine Jackson

The Honorable Dean D. Pregerson of the Central Distinct Federal court of California has dealt Howard Mann and Vintage Pop a blow in Denying Mann’s and Vintage Pop’s Motion to Dismiss. The case is to go forward.

Ask John Nazarian from Being one of Hollywood P.I. Extraordinaire - What was it like to?? (0 downloads)

That documents not previously put up that were filed related to the Court’s decision to Dismiss Mann’s and Vintage Pop Motion to Dismiss

Did We Have the Right to Dissect Daniel Smith’s life? (0 downloads)
From Paramount’s Brad Grey, and Buddine Where’s my $100,000? John Narazrian’s look at Thursday Scoreboard. (0 downloads)

The rest of the filings in the Estate of Michael Jackson via Administrators John Branca and John McClain vs. Howard Mann and Vintage Pop can be found in out download section at this link: Estate vs. Mann

Other paperwork filed in regards to Michael Jackson in our download section at the following URL:

Probate Paper on the Estate of Michael Jackson

Papers on the State of California vs Dr. Conrad Murray in the criminal manslaughter case due for opening arguments on May 9, 2011.

All Document on Michael Jackson Cases

I have the criminal papers from the State vs. Michael Jackson from both 1992 and 2004 do you want those posted?

I will have the Cynthia Sommer’s papers up during this week.

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2 Responses to “All Things Michael Jackson – Federal Court DENIES Howard Mann and Vintage Pop Motion to Dismiss”
  1. DiamondGirl says:

    Trial has been delayed until September 7th or 8th. Delay was requested by defense.

  2. secretsquirrelontop says:

    All things Kathrine & Mann have my blessing. This Mann character is a mothers only hope for justice.

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