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This morning at the Stanley Mosk was a little like Little Big Horn, as in “The battle of.” On one side you have Ron Rale, lawyer and Lorrieee Howe…and on the other side, Mark Gross, lawyer and Marie A. LaMolinara, lawyer from the biggest divorce firm in the Valley, Brot & Gross. These guys are heavy hitters and will flex their legal ability as we were all hoping to see this morning in department 82. Ms. Howe wanted the court cleared for obvious reasons, it was a media storm, all anxiously waiting to find out why Brooke aka “mommy” was in an Inglewood pawn shop, and why “mommy” did not want to take a test either? Where and Why?

Well, let me tell you this, looking at Lorieee Howe sitting with Ron Rale outside the courtroom, Howe is looking like the captain of the Titanic looking for a pair of ice tongs. Just something about Ms. Howe, I have to wonder with all the talent at Trope and Trope, Howe??? Why??? Ron Rale is present, for sure, to try and fix a real mess. You can be assured that when Ron Rale shows up something needs to be adjusted or FIXED. And to get this case back on track after Ms. Mueller’s derailment last week. “I dont wanna test.” Remember you heard it here first when I stated that whoever was “handling” Brooke Mueller should be fired…

…This is a tough economy for sure, it is tough to make it on 50 grand a month, and if you can’t? Do what everyone else does, go to a pawn shop and get rid of few items. Hello!!!! Pawn shops have videos going 24 hours a day, like a bank, almost. So who is watching Ms. Mueller as she charges forward like a bull in a china shop? For sure not us! Well there on National TV is Ms. Mueller cutting a deal or shopping at the pawn shop in Inglewood, or at least it would appear that way…$50,000 a month, where does that fit into taking care of two kids? Refusing to test? Where does that fit in raising two kids? There are some very nice pawn shops closer to her home.

Well, today we have Mark Gross and he is in full attack mode, he knows he has Mueller right where he wants her. Gross is like a handmade, finally tuned revolver, when he fires off his mouth you know it is going to be a little painful. This is also why I believe that Ron Rale was brought in, another tough cookie. Quite frankly Howe could have remained in the office…hmm, I have to wonder if someone left the door unlocked and do they know Ms. Howe has left the building? Mueller was not doing well this morning in court as she walked in. Sure, …she needed something else, maybe some sound sleep? She was real rough around the edges, jagged edges. Judge Hank Goldberg threw everyone out of his court “for the sake of the children,”… …It is too bad actually for all of us that I could not hear the defense of Mueller, what defense, another “mommy” who does not get it. Life is tough for Ms. Mueller and the court will try to keep it all quiet and private…

…Charlie [Sheen] showed up looking great, fresh and rested… …In the end the judge left everything the “same.” One has to wonder what goes through a bench officers mind to leave it all the “same.” Now we dont know what other stipulations are in place, more monitoring, more testing (if she will participate), and more likely more Ron Rale! It was very obvious to all present that it was Rale’s job to try and fix this mess.

Mr. Gross knew he had Mueller’s legal team right where he wanted them, and knowing Mr. Gross he will be circling from above like an eagle watching and waiting for his “bunny” to go hip hopping back to Inglewood! Or…another fascinating location someplace in La La land, give her time and of course enough rope.

When Brooke [Mueller] left the courthouse she went in the opposite direction of her car and driver and the media just did the media crush. … Not Charlie, he rolled out of the courthouse smooth and uninterrupted, like he was “winning.”

Mark Gross, Lawyer, Brot & Gross, LLP 15260 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 1500, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403 818-594-0800

Ron Rale, Lawyer, Partner at Trope & Trope, 12121 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 801, Los Angeles, CA 90025

Lori Howe, who cares and how did she get out of the building

Read the rest of this funny and kind of sad article at Desperate, ah the way Desperate cover Hollywood DIVORCE court.

Here are a couple of papers we found, one of Charlie Sheen vs Warner Brother’s Studio and Chuck Lorre and the other is the Restraining Order filed against Charlie Sheen by Brook Mueller

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April 20, 2011
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4 Responses to “Brooke Mueller’s Attorney Lori Howe Needs Ron Rale Damage Control Specialist– DIVORCE Hollywood Style!”
  1. Roxanne says:

    Smart judge to leave it the same. That means the kid’s are under the care of their nannies and grandparents…… People that are all STABLE in mind and life right now. Neither parents are anywhere near STABLE in mind and life right now. Good for the judge.

  2. Ken says:

    new article about the SC case up

  3. heath says:

    Thanks John….

    I saw that Brooke was selling a watch, mentioned on TMZ.. not one of Charlie’s special ones I hope :)

    Well she won if things were not changed…what was the big deal putting drug and alchohol tests in place if they aren’t enforced. Was it all about catching Charlie and not her..oops.

    I think this is going to get interesting.

  4. John J. Nazarian P.I. says:

    Some judges are more aggressive and some like to take the easy way out, Judge Goldberg :-@ will never be in any controversies on purpose :bs: ! No guts no glory! :bow:

    John j. Nazarian, P.I.

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