Grandson James Nazarian with John J. Nazarian

The Birth Announcement read round the world I would guess of James Nazarian born March 11, 2010!

“There was a flash of joy within the universe early Thursday morning — my son Chris and his adorable girlfriend Victoria together brought their new son James Nazarian into the world at 4:20 A.M. James is 9.9 lbs and 21 inches, and upon hearing this I was so glad that I always gave Victoria the chair at the head of our table during dinner…extra room, 9.9 POUNDS, not-so-little James came into the world at almost 10 POUNDS!! Thank god for medical technology, as what an “OUCH” factor that had to be…I am just guessing, never having given birth.

Becoming a grandfather is an incredible thing. My middle name is James and what an honor to have my grandson named after…me! They named their son after me! I am looking forward to watching James grow, and to assure that he is in the right financial place a stock portfolio will have been put together by the time you read this! After all, if James is going to be named after me he should, at the appropriate time, have a few bucks in his pocket.

I wish Victoria and Chris all the best, and they will have to remember that for the rest of their lives they are now Mom and Dad. And their focus should be to make sure their son James has all the world can offer to him, but most of all the love and caring of each other and together sharing that with James…I am sure they will do all of that as they will be reminded “once in awhile” who James’s grandfather is.

Victoria and Chris, job well done!


On a personal note, Ken and I have gotten to know Mr. Nazarian over the last two plus years via email and a few phone calls, ever since I talked his publicist into allowing Rose to pick up Mr. Nazarian’s coverage of the Anthony Pellicano trial. Mr. Nazarian is devoted to his two sons and if you look at pictures we put up occasionally with his articles of his cars (the Rolls and Bentley) you will see that the hedges around John’s home is 20 feet high. I think he has always been aware that in his business he has made a few enemies along the way, but I have NEVER seen a picture of his two sons anywhere. So to me, this cute James Nazarian, the grandson of John, he could not ask for a more protective grandfather.

We here at Rose Speaks wish Chris, Victoria and James a long and happy life and to remember your children grow up so fast, enjoy every day, and EXPECT advice from your dad, Chris, grandparents are put on earth to do that and I would imagine John will do that with grace, love and as fierce of protective grandfather as any grandchild can have.

I feel Ken and I at Rose Speaks joins with all of John J. Nazarian’s clients including in part the firms and lawyers of Trope and Trope, Hersh, Mannis & Bogen, LLP, Meyer, Olson, Lowy & Meyers LLP, Trope & DeCarolis, LLP, Ron Rale, Sorrell Trope, Michael Trope, Patrick Decarolis, Lisa Helfend Meyer, Gary Fishbein, Ira M. Friedman, Ron Litz, Harland Braun and Adam Braun. There is not enough room to name them all and the clients who became friends along the way including Pauley Perrette and Michelle Phillips. The clients he has represented so well they are proud to be named on the site of Nazarian and Associates. Clients including Oscar de la Hoya, Vin Diesel, Steven Bochco, and Les Moonves, and it could go on from there.

As you can see the list is so large we cannot begin to list them all, but I am willing to bet that James Nazarian’s birth is going to be celebrated in California by all who have been positively touched by the dedication, commitment, professionalism and knowledge John shows to his clients, and to the few lucky enough to call him a friend. Not to forget his one of a kind wit that can make me laugh with my fist cup of coffee.

James Nazarian is beautiful Mr. Nazarian! All of our best to you and your family.

Please keep comments on this article positive, Ken and I would so appreciate an outpouring of congratulations on this happiest of occasions.

To see a larger picture of granddad with James visit Desperate

What a way to start off the spring, with the rebirth of nature and the gift of a grandchild.

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18 Responses to “Oh My God John J. Nazarian is a Grandfather, Welcome to the World James”
  1. Roxanne says:

    Congrats John. I’m sure you are very proud of the little guy. Babies are gifts from the heavens that remind us all what life is truly about. Love and family. The rest is just incidentals.

  2. Rose says:

    Isn’t that the cutest picture ever… a real keeper except John looks like he is not quite sure what to do with such a small bundle… a nice and soft side of the love of a grandfather, made me kind of tear up and be sentimental when I saw that picture, it says more then the whole article could ever say… :applaud:

  3. raven says:

    How adorable! Congratulations to Chris, Victoria and Grandpa.

  4. DiamondGirl says:

    Congrats John and Victoria on your grandson. May he find all that he seeks in life.

  5. Noni says:

    Congratulations John (and Mommie & Daddy too!). What you are holding in your arms right there is true immortality. Wishing you all the great joy that little on will bring to you. :hurray:

  6. heath says:

    Fantastic news John…you look so natural holding that baby and I can almost see the cogs turning in your head…..The Possibilties and that life goes on.

    Congratulations to the parents as well.

    Wonderful news to have my morning cuppa to. :hug12: @};- :-bd

  7. Sammy1 says:

    Congratulations Grandpa, Mom and Dad. Aren’t babies the best smell in the world? Young James is beautiful.

  8. John J. Nazarian P.I. says:

    Thank you all for the wonderful comments, I dearly appreciate each and every one! It is a joy and I felt so comfortable and yet so vulnerable. He is so defenseless and in such need of everyone and everything to be right and good, it is so humbling.

    Thanks again to all,

  9. Bewildered says:

    Congratulations John! And to your son and new mom. Prepare for your heart to never be the same. And that is a big baby..I had one that big…Ouch is right!

  10. JMA says:

    John~~ Congratulations to you and your family on the new arrival. Let you in on a little secret…it’s so much fun being a grandparent and the rewards that follow are awesome.

  11. Liann says:

    Congratulations John, That is great. I send well wishes to you all.

  12. BEVERLY says:

    HE SURE IS ONE ANGEL——Congratulations to the happy family.

  13. Beth says:

    What a handsome lad!
    I may disagree with you at times but only send ‘well-wishes’ to you and your family!

    > OH! What fun times ahead you all with have with the little guy…
    >> The third, fourth and fifth Christmas’ that children enjoy, I have always found to be the most fun to partake in!

    (then they start ‘requesting’ what they want from you!) :wink:

  14. Ken says:

    new article with papers up

  15. Lucky says:

    What a precious little angel. You are blessed and congratulations. You will find more love than you ever new you had. Grandkids are the best and most fun of all. We get to watch our kids raise them and we get the fun parts. Enjoy.

  16. hmm says:

    Congratulations John, and uncle too.John remember Lucky is right we grandparents can love and spoil and the parents can deal LOL :banana:

  17. Ken says:

    hmm [16] that reminds me of a saying I heard once, that grandkids were a parents revenge on their kids.

  18. hmm says:

    Ken thats just what I was thinking :innocent: and how true it is.I told my Girls when they complained about what their kids did just that,though my girls were better than most. :lol:

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