Ok folks the final big move to consolidate the site will begin at 10 PM CST as we merge the final data bases of and

The forums for members only will remain open and any updates of tonight’s work will be posted there as tonight goes along.

Also we have an old friend coming in to help with the site, she will be my editor LOL, something I am sure all of you will love and she will be doing a lot behind the scenes with the server that is what keeps the site running smoothly.

She will be able to be reached at shani @ and can help with anything about the blog after she has time to browse through the controls, any problems you have logging in and if Heath needs some help will be the U. S. version of that but we will work that out once the site is merged.

The email programs will be up so if you have any problems before we return just email webmaster @ rose or Rose @ and of course take the spaces out.

Thanks for flying Rose and we hope this if the final last major jolt in the move.

Ken and Rose Turner and all of your moderators and admins

UPDATE:The move has been moved back to tomorrow (Wednesday) night at 10pm CST.

53 Responses to “Rose Site EXCEPT for the Forums will be going down at 10 PM CST Tonight Until ??? Hopefully just a couple of hours”
  1. Ken says:

    Well, just one little snag. I accidently deleted the forums. Never fear, I got a backup and am in the process of reloading them and setting them back up. You will not have to re-register (I just deleted the program, not the database). Can we say ooops? :lol:

  2. Beth says:

    Oh, sorry Ken!

    Listen, is the Chat program going to be around anywhere or working at all?
    TIA for the answer… NP if you do not get a chance to reply for awhile-
    -being you have your hands full in recovering the forums and all! ;)

  3. Ken says:

    The chat is still up and will be up. No fear of that going down. (finds the nearest piece of wood to knock on)

  4. Rose says:

    And Ken calls me blond… LOL

    I will put the chat link in the forums when Ken (cough cough) get is restored and before this part of the site goes down.

  5. Rose says:

    Chat link and once Ken gets the forums back working I will put the chat link there as well.

  6. JMA says:

    Rose [4] so are you saying Ken was having a blonde moment :lol:

  7. Ken says:

    forums back up and running

  8. Ken says:

    The chat link has been added to the forums, under the ‘General’ Section.

  9. Beth says:

    Thank you Ken for all the work you are doing on this!
    It was strange to go to the main site and be directed back here.

    I wrote you on the last thread.

    Have a nice evening everyone.

  10. Ken says:

    Due to some unforeseen problems (yes, JMA, the unwanted “blonde-moment”), the scheduled work wont be taking place till tomorrow night. Nothing to worry bout. Thanks.

  11. JOA says:

    Is it okay for me to send you and Rose an email? I think it would be appropriate since you have endured through hard times?

  12. Beth says:

    Tyler Perry’s mother has died.
    From US Weekly:

    “Tyler Perry’s mother — a New Orleans preschool teacher who inspired his comic Madea character — has died at the age of 64, the actor and producer announced on his website Tuesday.”

    “Willie Maxine Perry. February 12, 1945 to December 8, 2009.
    Thank you for all your prayers,” he wrote.”

  13. Ken says:

    JOA, [11] sure, it’s okay to send one to us.

  14. Ken says:

    JOA, [11] rose has tried to answer your emails that went to her rosespeaks email addy but they always come back as bad email or such.

  15. JOA says:

    Okay, don’t know what the problem is but, were you able to open the one I just sent?

  16. Beth says:

    Maybe have JOA do a ‘pm’ on the forum?
    Just a thought to help… (as the mail cannot get returned it is all from one place) :D

    LOL My bad!
    I pm’d you dear! ;)

    Have a nice evening everyone.
    I am beat and gonna call it a night.

  17. Ken says:

    JOA, she was able to. Thank you. Dunno why they do that, we’re still looking into it.

  18. Ken says:

    Okay, gonna close the blog for the move. be back up in a couple.

  19. Ken says:

    okay, we’re done.

  20. ray says:

    I’m just checking in to see if this is working for me. I didn’t see my name in the spot where Name is required.

  21. Ken says:

    it seems to be, I can see yer post

  22. JMA says:

    Wow next time a move is in order can I have a forwarding address took me all day to figure out I had to hit home to be directed to here.

  23. Ken says:

    Sorry, JMA. I thought I had it where it would redirect.

  24. Sammy1 says:

    Brrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!! It is so cold here – 18 degrees with winds at 20-25mph.
    Just bookmarked the new url.
    Everyone have a good evening.

  25. JMA says:

    Ken [23] it was my bad, I was coming in through the link I had bookmarked. Ha-Ha was being a smart a$$ about the forwarding address.

  26. BEVERLY says:

    JMA——-If you read the other site,they are now picking apart Dannielynn hair,The trouble with them is just plain jealous,that Larry is going about enjoying life with his daughter.They cannot stand him being happy and paying no attention to what Bloggers have to say,it is eating there heart out,the SAINT(Vergie) did not get Dannielynn.

  27. Beth says:

    JMA, very funny about the address! :D

    Sammy, my goodness! Please stay warm! It was low of 27 here and thought it was unbearable!

    Beverly, you have got to be kidding? There are talking about that child again? They do not know LB and how he is as a father or not, they certainly do not know if DL just woke up from a nap or something when the Splash photographer caught them either coming or going from paying their respects to ANS.
    What a bunch of mean hateful people! I believe they do that just to get someone to fight with them, anything they say about anyone could be said about them by other bloggers! As those other bloggers do not know them; JUST like they do not know LB and his daughter…
    Wonder if they make any comments about the estranged biomom not visiting ANS or DWS now that no one is paying her way? All they can do is trash Anna, HKS, LB and even an innocent child just to get a reaction so they can ANSWER that reaction with hate is my guess. Just beyond sad…
    What? Are they mad at life in general and try to pick fights with strangers because they cannot act that mean to people they actually see in person? CRAZY!

  28. JMA says:

    Bev [26] yeah I saw that they are a disgusting bunch and how in the hell can anyone see the child’s hair is broken from that picture. Her appearance is no different from any other three year old especially after a plane trip.

    I got a giggle out of the one who tried to use Tom & Katie as an example of perfect parents saying how “you don’t see them carrying Suri around all the time”, ha-ha a poster provided a link to of all places ‘Splash’ and wouldn’t you know, Tom is carrying Suri. Oh and in this week’s addition on OK Mag front cover Tom carrying Suri.

  29. JMA says:

    Beth [27] don’t people usually leave a forwarding when they move, well unless they don’t wanna be found :lol:

  30. BEVERLY says:

    BETH—You do not know how happy I am for Larry,that he can go where he wants with his little angle.This will be great for Dannielynn,she will have good memories.He is living his life,not what some people wanted.These young years,will never come back,soon she will be going to pre-school,and than regular school.and than Lord help Larry,TEEN YEARS.My sister and I were saying today,How we miss buying kids toys and barbie dolls,and watching the kids tear the christmas wrapping off,and waiting for Santa. Larry can enjoy her doing all those things.I do not know how many Christmas you can remember but what sticks in my mind is every Cristmas I got a quilted bathrobe,and evening in Paris perfume.and a net christams stocking filled with candy and a book to color,Dannielynn I am sure will have lot of wonderful things to remember.

  31. Ken says:

    JMA [29] I put pieces of chocolate out for y’all to follow to the new place. I know it didn’t melt, too cold for that. :lol:

  32. raven says:

    Aide’s family sues O’Quinn Estate over crash.

  33. BEVERLY says:

    Good Morning Everyone—Well,I think it is fair and just for the family of James Cutliff to sue the OQ Estate,and it is to bad that OQ himself made it necessary,while everyone was so busy saying what a great man OQ was,he did not remember a employee who worked for him for 30 years,yet is giving Vergie Arthur Millions of dollars in free Legal assistants.With every article it becomes clearer and clearer,what the OQ Law Firm is after,and what was OQ motive for helping Vergie.Mr Cutliff was still young enough to enjoy 30 more years of life,and it was taken from him,and in my opinion,if OQ took the wheel instead of letting his driver do the driving,that to ME means he wanted to speed,Money for me will never make a person,no matter how much they have.

  34. heath says:

    Hello everyone..I have been out of the loop last few days…been Christmas shopping and I HAVE FINISHED….

    Now for the food.!!!!

    Why do we do this to ourselves???? WHY??? My feet hurt, my head aches and my purse is nearly empty and this is meant to be fun????

    Ken my links are all working. All good my end :)

  35. BEVERLY says:

    HEATH——I have found the younger generation likes money,to buy there own gifts(no exchanging)women my age tend to like a gift card to a fine dinning now,all I do not want any more to dust or clean.and because you mention food,I often give gift cards to Stop and Shop.For my neighbors,what I have done is make up a basket,(a big one)with a DVD the kids would like,a bottle of egg nog,crackers cheese,cranberry muffins,and a daisy ham.I cannot walk to much,so I take my scooter,you have no idea how much fun I have zipping around.Long time ago,the adults drew names so you would not go broke,buying gifts for each member of the family,RELAX .TAKE A HOT BATH,PUT YOUR PJ ON,and say another year spending is done.

  36. Ken says:

    I prefer gift cards. It cuts down on my family having to pay shipping, worrying about if the gifts gonna get here on time and in one piece. Plus, if I get something I don’t like, got no one to blame but myself.
    There are a few Christmas gifts we get that aren’t money/gift cards. They are homemade ornaments my grandmother (and sometimes another friend of ours) does. We always enjoy getting stuff like that.

  37. Beth says:

    I agree Ken, gift cards for anyone over 10 years in our extended family.
    It is easy buying gifts for the younger ones…

    This lawsuit is interesting… Thank you Raven for the link.

    One of the Cutliff brothers didn’t even know the other brother filed it. According to that article.

    Our Tort laws suck IMO. It was an accident. I believe O’Q was driving. To me, it was both gentlemens’ fault for not wearing seatbelts. Most likely this man made less than 50 thousand a year… The payoff should be that amount times the presumed years he would have worked for that company as an assistant. O’Q was not so young, maybe this man would have only been employed less than twenty years… To my way of thinking, if Mr. Cutliff had children… [He did NOT have children, or a current wife] it would be a different story on the amount. But one brother filing to be executor, and the other brother not knowing about it… Then you would have additional lawyers filing suit from within the family.
    I think the fair amount would be whatever this man could of made (less the attorney’s fees) divided amoung his immediate siblings equally. Then it would be up to those siblings to divide the money to their children, ect… A big mess. Most likely they will not get near that amount.
    If one brother filed such a huge lawsuit, then how come the other didn’t know about it? Have they (the brothers) been estranged? How close was the Mr. Cutliff that passed away to these siblings? This is what the Judge will decide on who is executor of Mr. Cutliff. I have a feeling it is an imagined dream that will not ever be a reality in these specific circumstances… It would be a different story if it was Mr. Cutliff’s child/children or a wife that was presently married to him for years and depended on his income. That is not the case, I have a feeling this man who filed is the one going to be out the money in Court costs. JMO

  38. Ken says:

    Beth, He had a son (who died at age 19 in a gun shooting) who left a grandson that he (Mr. Cutliff) was financially taking care of. And yes, he was married. He had a common law wife of 25 yrs.

  39. Beth says:

    Oh, thank you Ken…
    Then it should be the grandson filing the suit, and only him and Mr. Cutliff’s wife (common law or not) should get what Mr. Cutliff could of provided them if he was here.
    Well, in a perfect world that is.
    Thanks for reminding me about that. (Article from today)
    ” Anna Nicole Smith’s two doctors and her lawyer-boyfriend face arraignment on drug charges Friday, accused of illegally providing the late Playboy model with sedatives and opiates.

    Attorneys in the case said the trial may not happen until next summer but numerous motions will have to be resolved before then.

    Defendants Dr. Sandeep Kapoor, Dr. Khristine Eroshevich and Howard K. Stern were expected to renew their not guilty pleas. If convicted they could face five years in prison.”

    Well, have a great day everyone. Be back this afternoon to check in > Stay WARM!
    UGH! We will be having steady rain for the next week here. :(

  40. Ken says:

    Beth, at least it isn’t snowing and freezing there. :lol: Even deep Texas got snow. They didn’t know what to do with it.

  41. BEVERLY says:

    BETH—–I would have expected a man of OQ means to remember a loyal employee,better than he did,Severance pay TO ME does not do it.I did private duty for a short time and the pt died after 9 months,I was left $5,000.00 in her will.

  42. Liann says:

    I just heard on Fox news that the Judge denied the Medical Boards request, Judge said they were not timely they should of stepped in sooner if they felt the Doctors were a threat, The AG’s office that is representing the Medical board got a strong lecture from the Judge.

  43. Ken says:

    There’s an update on the CA criminal case up.

  44. DesertWalker says:

    Looks to me like Mr. Cutliff’s brother, James, has petitioned the court to be his brother, Johnny’s, estate executor. Whatever financial settlement O’Quinn’s estate and business holdings agree to or are directed to pay by a court, that money will become part of Mr. Cutliff’s estate and the disbursement of any funds will be governed by the instructions in Mr. Cutliff’s Will.

    I certainly agree that The OQ Law firm should have responsibly provided Mr. Cutliff’s estate the appropriate life and accidental death insurance policy benefits following his death and I’ve not seen anything to indicate otherwise.

    Law enforcement has additionally determined that Mr. O’Quinn was driving recklessly and it is because of this reckless behaviour Mr. Cutliff died. While I’m no fan of Wrongful Death Suits as a whole, in this case I would agree that it’s warranted. Not only did Mr.’Q recklessly and negligently cause the accident, he usurped Mr. Cutliff’s position as driver and therefore his estate must accept that additional liability.

    The first is business/job/salary loss benefits. The second is reckless homicide, IMO, and OQ’s personal estate and business holdings are rightfully being sued and held liable for that wrongful death. If O’Q were still alive and the tables turned in a similar situation I have no doubt whatsoever that he would be doing the same.

  45. DesertWalker says:

    #43 – Ken, where/how do we find it?

  46. Ken says:

    DW, it’s the latest article rose put up. I believe Liann also gave the update too.

  47. Liann says:

    Ken when I come on the site and see the dated articles before clicking on the comments, I have refreshed and I do not see a new article the last one I see is dated 12/09 Move done! TIA

  48. Ken says:

    Liann, hmmmm. Okay, I thought she said she posted it. Let me check, it might be in drafts.

  49. Ken says:

    Okay, it’s up and published. It was in the drafts.

  50. hmm says:

    I think maybe they have to sue the insurance company because otherwise the insurance company would only pay just what they had to .O’Quinn would have faced serious charges if he had survived.
    We got the wet heavy snow from the Midwest a few days ago. My son-in-law had to go out and knock the snow off our cable lines it was almost a foot high,don’t know how it stayed on such a thin line but it did. He threw something at it and when it hit the line he said it went up a good 3 was that heavy and wet of a snow,A lot of trees lost branches because of the wet heavy snow..At least we did not get extreme cold.
    Got all my X-mas shopping done a few weeks ago,online,the first time ever,now I just need the energy to wrap the gifts LOL

  51. Ken says:

    hmm, [51] I remember when I was growing up, seeing snow do that on the powerlines and phone lines. Also, ice too, especially when we had the ice storms. By the time I graduated high school, we got lucky if there was enough snow that stayed around to even look like winter. Sad, really. I loved the snow.

  52. hmm says:

    Ken I saw pictures my parents had where the snow was up to second story windows and you could almost touch electric wires. Of course that was before what we have now to deal with the snow,but it was in the same area i live in now.Maybe around 1934 from the looks of the pictures.They did not remove the snow just pushed it aside..Not fun times at the time from what my parents said. My dad drove a milk truck at that time,so you can imagine the trouble.My in-laws also had pictures like that only they were from farther up north than I live and they had to crawl out second story windows . LOL They used to throw items out to make sure the snow was hard before they went out..Oh the stories our parents and other elders could tell. Pieces of family history lost.Kids now days look at you like you are nuts when you talk about things like that at least my grandson does.

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