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Ok back to the seriousness of the article: First Amendment? Freedom of Speech? I don’t know about that!

I am sure a lot of the world caught the Miss USA debacle between Carrie Prejean and Perez Hilton, real name Mario Lavandeira, last (give me a date here). The issue: gay marriage v. Christian values? I don’t know if that is exactly what that was all about, but I was holding back from writing about this but I have a question? “Are we being bullied by Perez Hilton’s own beliefs?” Or… I am quite shocked at why, first of all, Perez was chosen as a judge for the Miss USA pageant? He writes a Celebrity Gossip Site, no? Donald Trump…what is up with that? Not only did this Miss USA pageant pull the lowest ratings ever, it now makes me sad to see that the pageant has turned “political”. It use to be fun, to watch and fantasize, but now it isn’t that much fun.

I thought that Carrie Prejean answered Perez’s question with dignity and honesty and kept her, some would call, “archaic” values but hey, those are her values! And she even prefaced her answer with “Not to offend anyone” and she did it all with a smile. I guess Carrie isn’t allowed to speak her mind. I thought that in the USA we have the First Amendment, Freedom of Speech? I am not saying at all that I am a Carrie supporter or a Perez supporter, but I feel Perez snuck in a “firecracker” question. Yes, gay marriage should be discussed, but remember, you can’t please everybody. We don’t need mass “brainwashing” on this subject, just education and information. We can’t change the world overnight and alienate and intimidate just for a cause. That is unethical, and unfair. I thought this country had progressed more than this. Why should she be afraid to say she is for gay marriage or not? She can say whatever she wants. This is the United States of America! Land of the Free, etc. etc.!

What I saw happen between Perez and Carrie reminded of a high school “bully” picking on another student. Then to have Perez go and call her a “stupid bitch”, was classless and made him less credible, to me. I heard he apologized to her and asked her to go have coffee that is lame. Day late and a dollar short Perez. I guess the shocker is that Perez asked a “Christian girl” a gay marriage question, “woohoo” Perez!

I even saw on Bill O’Reilly’s show a gay advocate say he wouldn’t be friends with someone who didn’t back gay marriage, and Bill cornered the gay advocate guest and had the guy in a tizzy, discussing the Miss USA debacle.

We don’t want war overseas but it seems the war is here in this country: Gay v Straight! I myself don’t feel that this is what we need to happen. Who is to say what is right and wrong? Definitely not me, nor anyone else.

I know you have to fight sometimes for what is right, but big changes take time. Marriage is for 2 people, no matter what, who want to spend their lives together and love one another, etc. Didn’t Obama say almost the same thing she did? I just hope that we can think and say the way we feel without a war breaking out in our own country. Not over this!

For those of you who missed the debacle here is the question by Perez!

And then his response after the firestorm!

“I would like to hear what you “the readers” think?”

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April 23, 2009
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83 Responses to “Daniel DiCriscio: First Amendment?….Freedom of Speech? I don’t Know About That!”
  1. John J. Nazarian P.I. says:

    Perez Hilton is the equivalent to having a sore on your penis and the green discharge would be Perez Hilton ( not his real name ). He is as disgusting a specimen of human waste that I can imagine. I had the misfortune of having done a pilot with this bag of shit( there were others also ) and hated every F’n minute of it…….. It is a good thing that people do not have some idea of what semen and eggs can produce as this would be a cause for an abortion.
    And oh one more thing, Daniel until you are de-loused keep away from me…….Daniel darling you would have received more respect standing with a barrel of pig shit and and maggots, hmmmm on second thought you are very close!

    John j. Nazarian, P.I. / Security Consultant

  2. John J. Nazarian P.I. says:

    Pig Hilton’s real name is Mario Lavandeira, is this not ‘LAUNDRY’ in Spanish….funny as I reflect on my first meeting with pig face, he seemed to avoid places of cleanliness as I recall. At the time I thought to myself, ‘” what a smelly mother f&$ker “. Donald Trump has got to be loosing more than his hair to put pig man on such a show…….you have to wonder what he is thinking now……shame on Trump, then on the other hand he is a perfect example of ‘money wont buy class’.

    John J. Nazarian, P.I.

  3. Bewildered says:

    ROFL!@Naz!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

    That just took all the seriousness of the article and blew it into a great belly laugh! Thank you John!

  4. BEVERLY says:

    You know,when I turned 62 and retired,not only was my body free from work,my mouth got free,from having to (kiss up) to people ,stroke egos,because no matter where you work,you had to shut your mouth if you did not agree with your boss,supervisor.It was called,keeping a roof over your head and food in your belly.This is not a new thing,Miss USA California,was beautiful,she spoke how she felt,and did not make the title,because there is always one in the group that will not let you have your (first Amendment rights),if anyone noticed,you say the wrong thing these days,and someone is up your back looking for trouble(DOG) the Bounty Hunter,almost had his life destroyed,because,he said something that someone did not like.(IMUS) In the morning also.The game still has to be played in the 21 century

  5. John J. Nazarian P.I. says:

    #4 you have no idea how on the money your comment is, in the work place today and even 10 years ago you had to sit and take it. This is something I NEVER did and paid the price at times. But to have what may well be one of the ugliest little cock suckers in the world make his play on National television to make his point ( gay marriage ) was disgusting. It is people like Mario Da Laundry boy that moves the rights and the gay movement back dozens of years. This miserable little man took what was left of a great American affair with beauty and threw in the sewer, good job Trump! Da Laundry boy would be more suited for sucking the eggs out of the belly of a sturgeon and to think that there are people who think he is funny. Hmmm, about as funny as being circumcised with a f’n butter knife!

    John J. Nazarian, P.I.

  6. BEVERLY says:

    MR NAZARIAN—–Very discriptive,and a true feeling,The Miss America contest at one time,was not only for the woman’s beauty,but for (there) thoughts and future aspirations,not the wishes of anyone else.thank you for your very sincere feeling and for making me laugh a little.

  7. heath says:

    oh John tell us how you really feel…heheheh perez isn’t my idea of a nice person either.

    Anyway Gay marriage…Since reading Johns site and articles about different family laws in dif states and how spouses are cared for etc within and after a marriage breakdown I have to ask why if you had the chance to redo marriage would you want the crap that goes on as it stands now.

    Write a business contract it would be fairer. Marriage contracts are not fair or equal. Just ask many many women around the world.

  8. Daisy says:

    When I saw Perez I was like WTF and all I could remember is what he did to Dannielynn’s picture. I don’t read his trash but do remember that. And then Perez temper tantrum afterward calling the beautiful, elegant, nice young lady a bitch…well pretty much sums up Perez personality.

    I do believe the gay community has the right to a legal union. I don’t know if it should be called marriage and what significance it has to religion. Personally I don’t care if they call it marriage but if they want this right my opinion is to fight for it under a different name. Let society adjust and in years to come it will more then likely be recognized under the same name. I’m not saying it’s right what society does but am thinking of the best solution to promote their cause.

  9. Daisy says:

    Beverly, man you got that right. Seems like people want to censor you everywhere and our society has become so political correct it has gotten to the point of insanity. And the things some people say to you when they don’t like you on the computer is down right nasty.

  10. BEVERLY says:

    DAISY—–I am a believer in Civil Union.The Holy Sacrament,of marraige will always be MAN-WOMAN,A woman was put on this earth with certain parts for a reason,and a man was put with certain parts,and I sure wish humans would stop acting worse than dogs.

  11. JMA says:

    John [1] OMG to funny. I think Perez’s appearance on “Celebrity Apprentice” has gone to his head.

    Daniel- IMO that should not have been a question asked during the Miss USA Pageant. Then again, should we have expected anything less from Perez Hilton?

  12. DiamondGirl says:

    This is another political issue at hand here and of course I believe we should all tread lightly. I think the main issue is not necessarily the “marriage” part but rather if couples are committed to one another, why is there not equal rights for them. Many many gay people have been together for many years. Alot of them have been together for more years than 90% of the legal marriages. But yet the partner cannot get spousal benefits from the governemnt. For many years the partner could not get health insurance either. I don’t believe that this is fair at all. People tend to think that you control who you fall in love with or who you are attracted to. I tend to doubt that this is accurate at all.

  13. Rose says:

    I see 3 issues in this article.

    1. WTH had Donald Trump with likes of Perez, done to the Miss USA pageant, when I as a young girl Miss America came from Atlantic City, Burt Parks (sic) was the host for YEARS, and it was on the Saturday night right after Labor day which is the same week as school started. My mom and I watched it together for years…. and the song “There she is Miss America” and the long walk down the runway… ahhhhhh now Perez is qualified to judge this why?

    2. Is the freedom of speech, we have seen that eroded over the years, we need to set a standard for the internet where there is a TOS and Privacy policy and sites need to BE held accountable if they continually refuse to enforce them and uses them as a “legal” don’t read this just skip on by… if each site owner/blog owner would take personal responsibility with a balance but always following their TOS and Privacy policy then perhaps Freedom of Speech would not be so attacked.

    3. Gay rights vs. Straight…. sadly we still have a long way to go… who you fall in love with and want to spend your life with is not the government’s business, society needs to catch up with the times…. we had a governor candidate here in Texas a couple of years ago, funny guy, who said “Gay Rights and Marriage” of course I believe in it, they should have the same opportunity to be as miserable as many married couples are… it was a funny answer but it rings very true…

  14. Ken says:

    If marriage is to be defined as only “a union between a man and a woman” and nothing else, then why the hell is it that no one is up in arms about it being used to describe the union between inanimate or non-human entities. (See enclosed link and definition)

    # a close and intimate union; “the marriage of music and dance”; “a marriage of ideas”

    How can someone demand something be strictly one thing, because they oppose another view, yet turn a blind eye when the same thing is used in a way contrary to what they vehemently demand it only be?

  15. Katie says:

    Coming out of lurkerdom just to say that Daniel, you’re a good man and I’m so thrilled to read your thoughts on this topic, I think you hit the nail on the head. I think gay marriage should be allowed (I am a Christian but who am I to judge what love is?) but Carrie had a right to her opinion and Perez Hilton, what can be said about him that hasn’t already been said here by people who seem to know what kind of a person he is? I think he sets the cause back just by being him. He didn’t do anybody any good, and the fact that he was a judge at that pageant…wth were they thinking?

  16. Ann says:

    In all honesty I don’t give a flying flip about beauty pageants, Perez Hilton, or Donald Trump. I think beauty pageants are archaic, and apparently so do a lot of other people judging from the low ratings of those kinds of shows.

    That being said, I will go on to say that left to myself I really don’t care about whether gays marry. Homosexuality is a moral issue that has gotten political legs. It’s a conflict of values and beliefs. Some of what Miss California said was off-putting such as “in my country” and “I was created”. I will agree with Hilton to the extent that how she stated it was divisive and probably lacking in the diplomacy needed for someone seeking that position.

    The “I was created” statement had moral/religious undertones to it, and although a person is certainly allowed to state their beliefs, those beliefs can and do have consequences in a larger society which is composed of many beliefs.

    If someone were to ask me if the Bible teaches that homosexuality it wrong, I would say, “yes”. The next question is, “So what”? I think it’s the “so what” that is at the crux of the controversy. The way I look at it is that if two Christians who both believe in the authority of the Bible but disagree on whether it teaches that homosexuality is wrong, then you have a debate. But if you have someone arguing about the morality of homosexuality who believes in the Bible and uses it as their touchstone for truth with someone who doesn’t, then you have an exercise in futility. The reason is that the two people who are arguing who are using different foundations for truth. Each of them is building his/her argument on a different foundation that the other doesn’t accept, so at best the argument becomes a visceral one with each attempting to force his/herbelief on the other.

    The political aspect of the controversy is won by opinion polls and that becomes the arena for the debate.

  17. Ray says:

    I live in California and when prop 8 lost they said it was because of the large voting on Blacks and Latino’s against it. But for days they protested in Hollywood backing up traffic and keeping people from going from on place to the other. I sure didn’t see them protesting in Watts or South L.A. And I would like to know what Prez feels that Obama said he believes in civil union but NOT GAY MARRAGE. What Prez did was set back gay rights not help it.

  18. Rose says:

    April 23, 2009, This is a joint stipulation filed by both sides to postpone the evidentiary hearing schedule for Howard K. Stern’s Motion filed under seal on Feb. 13, now set for May 5th to a later date in July. Both sides have provided joint dates they are available on following one or more depositions, especially the one of Rose Turner needed for this hearing.


  19. raven says:

    1. My opinion is that the Miss America Pageant was in trouble when Donald Trump became involved. It took another step down with the appearance of Perez as a judge.

    2. Carrie Prejean is a very beautiful and articulate young lady, who only expressed her own honest opinion and didn’t let the likes of Perez even change her expression. Kudo’s to her.

    3. I, myself, do not infringe on the choices of others in their personal lifestyles, and respect those who do not infringe on mine. The trouble comes about when organizations become involved and try to force society to adhere to the wishes of a minority.

  20. BEVERLY says:

    KEN—-Marriage is a action taken and done before God.and most people ask for God’S BLESSING.When there is a statement of it’s a marriage of music,and dance that is only saying music and dance go well together,you do not need Gods blessing,your only making a statement.

  21. Rose says:

    And this gets into “First Amendment” which affects us all, why was an articulate beautiful young woman picked out by Perez, (Mario) to sand bag her with a question, and then make it worse by calling her names…. there is Free Speech and then there are ghouls… and idiots, Mario belongs in one of those groups… it has nothing to do about gay rights, it is he is a self importance pompous ignorant, stupid spot light seeker even if he has to “target” a cause he knows will create controversy…. does not matter what it does for or to whom, look at the mileage he has out of all of this…. YUK

  22. Roxanne says:


    I would looooovvvvvvveeeeeeeee to be able to marry. Would do it in a heartbeat legally. In my heart we already are and she is already taken care of if something should happen to me but there are many out there than can’t do what I have done to make sure my better half is provided for in the event of my death. I even have it down to the point of what will happen to my body and where I will be “put.” (thanks to what has happened with ANS) She has FULL control and knows exactly what to do and I know my family wouldn’t fight her. I can rest comfortably know she and my son will both be taken care of. What about the others who can’t take those meausres?

    Being in a same sex relationship I can say with 100% certainty that a lot of the anger comes from being told that your wrong for loving someone because the don’t have the “right parts.” I tell you what. I’ve been married twice to men and neither one of them come even close to the kind of total unconditional love that I have now. I didn’t choose to love her. It just happened and anyone who says that isn’t possible, I pose this question…. How do you know? If you yourself have never had that kind of love for someone of the same sex then how do you know it’s something that I choose? Is it because you don’t have those feelings and it would seem “gross” to you to kiss or make love to someone of the same sex? Is that why in your mind it’s a personal choice? If so then we go back to “you’ve never experienced it so again how do you know?” It also angers me to be told that to feel that love, which is more intense and solid than any of the times I loved and married a man, is wrong. Who are you to judge me for that or try to take that away from me and downplay it as though it is just a phase? My love for her is total and unconditional and nothing any less that what you may feel for your partner. She is my soulmate. In every way imaginable. Rose can tell anyone about the love Shell and I share and just how real it is.

    As for Perez. He should keep his mouth shut. Less flys that way. The woman has a right to state her beliefs and even though they may have made him angry… he went about his reaction the wrong way. Then again, someone who is gay or bisexual does tend to take it personally. It can’t be helped really.

  23. Roxanne says:

    The Bible was mostly written by man and is an “interpretation” of events. Personally, I don’t think God creates someone with the intention of sending them to hell. Which, is exactly what it would be in the situation of someone who is homosexual in any way. “uh oh there gay…. straight to hell.”

  24. Daisy says:

    Personally I get sick and tired of the religious right imposing their views on us. It is my opinion they are not doing God any favors. Leave God’s work to God and as men and women love one another. It’s a pretty simple task in which man has some how complicated to the point of it makes them look as if they are trying to do God’s work. True believers understand tolerance, love and acceptance of one another is all God expects from us understanding we may not always do that but it would be great if we did.

  25. Ken says:

    Beverly [20] Okay, I understand your point there (between Marriage and marriage) but then my next question would be, what if the couple are not Christians, Jews or Muslims? Say Buddhist, Hindu, Pagan or Atheists, would it still be considered a marriage?

    Just wanted to add, please don’t take this an attack on you or your beliefs, it’s not meant as one.

  26. Ann says:

    Just a couple things.

    Raven, Trump owns the Miss U.S.A. pageant. The Miss America pageant is a different pageant.

    A few years ago a Miss USA got into trouble for lesbian behavior (and cocaine snorting) with Miss Teenage America and The Donald gave her the boot. IMO Trump doesn’t do anything that isn’t calculated, so I think having Hilton as a judge was a good will gesture to gays–at least in The Donald’s mind.

    Also the question was picked from a goldfish bold for Hilton to ask so I don’t think that contestant was targeted by Hilton per se. I think the reason pageants started asking political questions is because years ago they came under fire by feminists, so they’ve tried to intellectualize the proceedings somwhat (which is a be joke IMO).

  27. Ann says:

    bowl not bold

  28. Roxanne says:

    Maybe I’m mistaken but wasn’t it actually the judge who was to ask the question that was picked from the bowl and not actually the question that was asked? It appeared that the judges already knew what questions they were going to ask before the judge was selected to ask the question.

  29. Lucky says:

    Oh boy, one of my favorite subjects. I go to a lot of pageants. My son dated a pageant girl for three years. So of course I had to go to all of them. Her mother and I are still best friends even though they have broken up, and they still talk a lot.

    The questions these ladies get are difficult. Some are easy while some are stupid and hard. On one pageant, all the girls got easy questions like “what do you want to do with your life, this girl got this question……….what does feminism mean to you! HUH? That is one of those trick questions. Well, she did fine and was second runner up in that one. But the answer on that one can piss off both sides. My first thought was BURN THE BRA. lol

    PH is a dick! Clear and simple. No matter what the girl answered she would have gotten heat on both sides. It was one of those trick questions. Remember the movie with Sandra Bullock? The good answer is always WORLD PEACE, LOL.

    She was asked about her opinion and she gave her opinion. That does not mean its the worlds opinion, just hers and the way she was brought up and her own beliefs was her answer. Now if she had been asked about the public opinion on gay marriage that would be a different answer all together. The dick asked her about HER opinion. So for him to call her a bitch for her answer was just like him. Most gays are saying he is an embarrassment to the gay community.

    I was just reading a thread on Topix about this. Most of the gays were pissed off at PH too. They knew what the question was. Does not take a genius for that. They were very civil in all answers. She also said it was a matter of choice. Good answer. Each American has their own opinion and their own choice to make. My choice might not be your choice. That was a loaded question he gave her on purpose to try to promote his views down the throats of all. Backfired on him. He is not liked at all before this and really after this.

    Search for “USA pageant”

  30. Lucky says:

    Roxy, your right, they are supposed to be picked. I guess that one was different. Some are run differently than others.

  31. Lucky says:

    I dont like the gov telling us to do anything. Rather it be gay marriage or what you can smoke and eat in the privacy of your own home.

    who to marry
    who your insurance will
    take our taxes and give to those who choose not to work
    stop smoking in restaurants, now bars, now outside in public, now homes.

    Whats next? Cant eat cupcakes you might get too fat? Are they going to control obesity next? Could be

    That was HER right to HER Freedom of Speech, on HER opinion. Not what the public’s opinion or PH was. That was not the question. Her opinion was the question.

  32. Ann says:


    Yes…I think. It looked like the judge’s name was picked and the judge asked the question he prepared. Anyway it looked to me as if it was only by chance she was the one asked that question.

  33. JMA says:

    Lucky [31] I agree the Government is always telling us what we can and cannot do. It is NOT FAIR ;-(

  34. JMA says:

    Sorry if it seems as though I keep popping in and out, I am ha-ha. I am having puter problems so I have been working all day trying to resolve them. Puter probably caught a germ from going over to nasty infested places :lol:

  35. Ken says:

    Lucky [31] I agree with most of what you said. The only part we may disagree on is the “telling us to do anything” bit. They do have an obligation and duty to make and enforce laws for the protection and welfare of the country and it’s citizens. They don’t always get it right (i.e, the old Jim Crow laws and the ones about inter-racial marriage) but nothing is perfect. Yes, they need to draw the line at certain issues, such as marriage, what you can eat, etc. But keep in mind, a lot of the sh*t the govt is trying to pass is religious based, sponsored by people and organizations that want to force those that do not believe or think like they do into doing it. IMNSHO, that’s probably the worst thing that mankind has ever done to it’s self, pairing religion and politics together.

  36. BEVERLY says:

    KEN–I do not take it any other way,but a good discussionI RESPECT your views.My idea of marriage is asking God to bless the union,it just not saying I do,it is getting the union blessed in the eyes of God.I do want to keep my ideas ,to myself and NOT tell others how to live.GOD HAS TO BE INVITED IN,OTHERS CAN MARRY AND BE MARRIED IN THE EYES OF THE STATE THEY ARE IN,

  37. Lucky says:

    I agree. I also think it is wrong to take things off our dollar bills and out of our schools…In God we Trust. If they dont like it, go back to their own country. This stuff is what our country was made of, dont like it, get your ass back to your own country, it was I say to them. Taking prayer out of our schools now. They took prayer and paddling. So now the schools are out of control with shootings and gangs. Smart move.

    I have always said three you dont talk about….religion, politics and husbands. You will never have a group agree all on the same views and opinions. The fact that they can be talked about in adult manner is what is nice.

    PH was not nice. He could have too said his opinion and left off the “bitch” part. That is what makes him the ass he is. A human being is a bitch for an opinion, go figure.

    Ill shut up now, lol.

  38. Roxanne says:

    Ann, I agree. I misunderstood what you originally said, I guess. I thought you meant that the question was picked out of the bowl. LOL

  39. Ken says:

    Lucky [37] I don’t believe taking prayer and paddling out of schools is what caused the crisis we have now. I believe it’s more of the govt taking the support away from the school systems that is really harming them. Look at the pay teachers get in the public sector. The public school system cannot compete with private schools, who are privately funded and can pay the teachers better, afford better equipment, etc. Add to that overcrowding (no money in the public school systems to build new schools or expand older ones and hire new teachers) in the classrooms where teachers now cannot realistically work one-on-one with the student like they use to just decades ago. How many private schools do you know of that have 40, 50 or 60+ kids per teacher? Then toss in the economy. Look where some of the worst schools are, in the middle of the cities where the poor and minorities have traditionally been forced to live. It’s a bigger, more systemic problem than just the ‘loss of prayer and corperal punishment’ in the schools. Using that arguement diminishes and obscures the true problem and is a cop out by people (not everybody, so not including you) who don’t want to see or acknowledge it.

  40. heath says:

    Well Perez won and the subject is now getting a lot of attention but he did it at the expense of another person. That he owes her a very large gentlemanly apology for in public. He has no reason to call this lady any rude names because he was pissed.

    We have had a few changes here happening with laws and entitlements etc being allowed to same sex couples !!!!!! what a term to use yuck..

    I also think that marriage is between 2 people not a Church or State, that is just for the paper work and taxes. Marriage as a formality came about not for love but for alliances and the transfer of property. Religion has made a lot of money out of marriages over the centuries and now the Government does well out of it as well. Those licences cost money. Those ceremonies are a nice earner for those holding them.

    Like with feminism change was not liked and a womans place was in the home and the man earnt more money and had more value etc. We changed it and our daughters have more choices because of what we did. Birth control, Education etc. Still a long way to go but it isn’t going to stop now.

    I see marriage being open to same sex couples in the future, as the reasons why are not are just not that strong. As the details can be ironed out but it seems to be Church and laws that stop it, not the people. So these are out of step with the evolving populations world wide.

    Change will happen because the people change it is that simple…

  41. hmm says:

    Roxanne good for you to have things taken care of.I have read horror stories of loved ones not being able to say good by to someone in a hospital because a civil union is not the same in every state and yes many are not covered even for insurance with civil unions..I believe it will be a state by state deal and needs to be that way. We have enough government in our lives,How high your grass can be LOL ect I just got our villages paper about new laws about burning,grass,weeds..PH was very crass and I did not even know he was gay.if he is.John you tell it so well.You are not upset are you?

  42. Lucky says:

    In no way was it the cause, only the beginning of things to come, that did.

    Your right, teachers and cops are under paid for what they have to deal with. One of my sons went to private school for learning disabilities, 1-4 ratio. The rest went to public 20-30 in class. The one in private, even with his disability, had a much better education. No doubt private is better. But the poor cannot afford private. We could afford private for all of them, buy did not. But…..some special schools have scholarships so other students can go that cannot afford it, but need it. Some insurance’s are paying for learning as well.

    With the new economy, things will get much worse Im afraid with the kids and adults alike.

    I am a strong believer in prayer first (or whatever the beliefs is), discipline, and then what school to attend. A child in a bad school can still get what is needed, if they have a good solid base at home first. Schools are not raising our kids, we should at home first, then send them off. But some enjoy the baby-sitting service they get from schools, sadly.

    Okay off my soap box. You and I got off the topic, lol. Well, sorta, Miss USA mentioned her beliefs. Others do not have the right to take away our rights.

  43. raven says:

    Ann 26 Thanks for the clarification. Just goes to show that pageants are not in my viewing habits. :)

  44. Rose says:

    April 23, 2009 The Court has allowed and rescheduled the evidentiary hearing schedule for Howard K. Stern’s Motion filed under seal on Feb. 13 to be heard to July 7, 2009 in order to allow any depositions that need to be taken prior to the hearing, including that of Rose Turner.



    I really really hope I can write about all of this one day and hell the hell did a blogger who owned a site get pulled into so many lawsuits concerning a man I have never met or talked to.

  45. Ken says:

    Heath [40] Not only that (it’s still done in quite a bit of the world) but it’s only been recently (in historical time not actual) that the Church declared that it might be a good idea that both parties consent to marriage. *chuckles* And within the last 400 + years that the church decided it would be best to have a priest present (they figured out there was too many marriages going on without them being involved.) Love was still not needed for the marriage at that time….it’s an even more recent addition. Look up the history of marriage, it’s interesting.

  46. Ken says:

    Lucky [42], I agree on most but will have to agree to disagree about a couple of your points.

  47. Rose says:

    BTW folks Daniel just called and LOVED the fact the article has created so much dialogue on different subjects… Like Mr. Nazarian Daniel DiCriscio tries to stop by at least once a day and read the input on the articles… so like with John Nazarian’s article if you have a question for Daniel about Hollyweird or any of the different branch off subjects this column has created post them and he will try to get by and read and respond as his time allows…

  48. Rose says:

    #42 Lucky YOU are so right about parents being parents, I think children today are being put in front of TV’s, computers, video games anything to baby sit them and how many parents today are hands on in school, do they even have parent/teacher conferences any more?

    We made sure to raise our son way OUT in the country to make sure he was not subjected to inner city and gangs and stuff, and took a great deal of being involved, little league, school, bowling all of it… and he I understand from my ex has some real substance abuse problems.

    Ken was raised in a small town but near to a big city, knew kids in gangs, etc. and he turned out GREAT… so is it environment at home? Or is it genetic? Or is it the child themselves that are the deciding factor in all of this?

    When I went to public schools it seems they were different we got a damn good education back then and was college ready and could even pick out countries on the globe, that alone in today’s schools or kids is amazing to me… if we did not learn to reading, writing and math we did not get passed over, ignored and passed on up the grades for the next teacher to “handle”… So do we need to pay our teachers more or what??

    ::edited by admin::

  49. Ken says:

    Lucky, and others, here is a bit of historical trivia since we are talking religion and what supposedly our country was founded on. Most of our founding fathers were not ‘Christians’ as most people believe it to be today. They were Deists. Look it up, interesting reading.

  50. Daisy says:

    Wow Ken, I never realized that.

    My opinion is we don’t want any religious group running our country. There are good reasons to keep religion and government separate. I am a Christian and sure would not want another religious group expecting me to live by their codes. The Christians ought to think about that and the Republicans and Christians ought to think about how the religious extremist have taken control of their party and faith. What has happening to Christianity is no different then what happened to the Muslims when the extremist attempted to take control of their religion.

  51. Ann says:

    I also believe in the seperation of church and state but for a different reason than for most. I think that it’s the state the corrupts churches. When I say the state, I mean power, influence and money. It was when the Catholic Church became a political power it became corrupt.

    More recently the same thing started happening in the U.S. Christian churches with the Republican party trying to influence Christian voters. The message from many pulpits became, “The Republican party is God’s party, and to vote Democratic is a vote against God”. In fact I left a church that was spouting such nonsense.

    There has been a lot of pandering to Christian leaders by many Republican candidates in order to get the Christian vote. Christian block votes were/are being exchanged for influence. That is the formula for corruption.

    Recently, there have been ministers who have started speaking out against this, and some have paid the price for doing so.

    From a New York Times article: Disowning Conservative Politics, Evangelical Pastor Rattles Flock

    “MAPLEWOOD, Minn. — Like most pastors who lead thriving evangelical megachurches, the Rev. Gregory A. Boyd was asked frequently to give his blessing — and the church’s — to conservative political candidates and causes.

    The requests came from church members and visitors alike: Would he please announce a rally against gay marriage during services? Would he introduce a politician from the pulpit? Could members set up a table in the lobby promoting their anti-abortion work? Would the church distribute “voters’ guides” that all but endorsed Republican candidates? And with the country at war, please couldn’t the church hang an American flag in the sanctuary?

    After refusing each time, Mr. Boyd finally became fed up, he said. Before the last presidential election, he preached six sermons called “The Cross and the Sword” in which he said the church should steer clear of politics, give up moralizing on sexual issues, stop claiming the United States as a “Christian nation” and stop glorifying American military campaigns.

    “When the church wins the culture wars, it inevitably loses,” Mr. Boyd preached. “When it conquers the world, it becomes the world. When you put your trust in the sword, you lose the cross.”…

    Some members walked out of a sermon and never returned. By the time the dust had settled, Woodland Hills, which Mr. Boyd founded in 1992, had lost about 1,000 of its 5,000 members. But there were also congregants who thanked Mr. Boyd, telling him they were moved to tears to hear him voice concerns they had been too afraid to share. ”

    BTW Boyd is an ex-Catholic (I just thought I’d throw that in for John N…LOL)

  52. Ann says:

    Here’s the link if anyone wants to read the whole article.


  53. Ken says:

    Ann [51] Good post. I agree with most of what you said, except this part “I think that it’s the state the corrupts churches.” I believe that’s partially true, as it does corrupt them but I also believe religion (I use it deliberately broad so as to encompass ALL religions) corrupts the state. It’s a historical fact that religion and politics have been bedfellows for most, if not all, of our history and that when they do interact, it’s usually ends up to the detriment of part, if not all, of the citizens under them.

  54. Ann says:

    Ken, I think it’s power itself that corrupts.

    Anyone who reads the Gospels can see that people were always trying to pull Jesus into the politics of the day. and he refused even though the Roman Empire at the time was one of the most tyrannical and oppressive ruling empires of all time.

  55. hmm says:

    I grew up in a small village where my grade school class was only about 15 people,so we always had one on one.In fact we even were invited to out teachers home for dinner a few times and some of at least my favorites I visited even after they retired, Now days that is not the way it is the just shove kids thru instead of holding them back if they don’t get what is taught.And People wonder why the US is losing in the technology area.
    I see nothing wrong with in God we trust on our bills or actually having a manger scene in a village square.But now days some churches are getting into areas they should not.Ann I think Rev. Boyd was right in what and how he said it.Some churches are telling people of different faiths how to live and what their faith should be and that is just wrong.

  56. Roxanne says:

    Well I didn’t have things taken care of with her until after all this happened with Anna. I know that my family wouldn’t fight her on what she told them I wanted. I’m very fortunate that our families accepts us and our relationship completely. Not saying it wasn’t a huge shocker to some people but they are ok now. My son has been taken care of since the day he was born almost but with her, I had nothing in writing but I made damn sure to change that. She and Nick both will be provided for in the event of my death. She has no clue that I have done this and would kill me if she knew so I’m just going to let it be a surprise if something happens then she can’t kill me. Rose, you will not tell her either….. RIGHT! lol

  57. Lucky says:

    Ken….no worries, lol. I will look up Deists when I have time to study it. Thanks

    Rose….lol, you got edited by admin. Too funny. You are right, our teachers and the police are under paid and always have been for they deal with daily. Education was much better back in the day than it is now. College classes at University are now taught by teacher on a large screen, not in person. My how times change. My classes were much smaller than todays classes. Now they have online classes and you just go in to take the test. WOW The cheaper pay for teachers is not bringing in good education at all. Some are not even being screened. Scary

    We never had gangs. A few bullies that were easily picked out and taken care of, lol. Teachers are not paying attention to what is going on in their classrooms and not trained to know what to look for. Too busy gabbing with each other. It is sad what some parents do for baby sitting and ignore their children. We had to go outside to play, no computers and game boys. I caught frogs in the ditch with the boys and made mud pies with doodle bugs, lol. I still have all my dolls in good condition. I never played with them, lol. Was not a girly girl. I made my boys go outside and find things to do at home and on the ranch. They were not sitting in all day playing games and eating chips like kids do today.

    That is why I am having so much fun with my boys girly girls. Like the one who does pageants. So much fun. I take over like I am her Mom, and pissed my girlfriend off, lol. Grandbaby boy in the oven! Cant wait to make mud pies again after all these years!

  58. JMA says:

    Afternoon All…

    I think I fixed my puter issue’s [keeping fingers crossed] so NOW I”M BACK :lol:

    Beth- other thread #208 yep they had to let you go some time :lol:

  59. JMA says:

    Roxanne [56] glad to hear you have things well planned out. My hubby and I have two friends living in another state who have been together for many years and I would hope they have done the same. Their families are excepting so I do not think any of them would come between our friend’s wishes but it would be best if they had things in writing.

  60. Roxanne says:

    I feel a lot better knowing that if died right now they would both be taken care of and my wishes would be followed.

    My momma used to put me and my middle sister in beauty pagents all the time. We had fun when we were little but back then it wasn’t like it is today. They actually discouraged wearing a lot of make up. Momma used to put mascera, a little blush and some lip gloss on us. She would put vaseline on our teeth to make them shiny. UCK!!!! To this day I can’t use vasoline. LOL I won the state title when I was 10 and then told my momma I wanted to quit doing it. I had to go back and crown the next year but after that I was done with it.

  61. Lucky says:

    Roxy……how cute. I think the little girls are precious, but some are too made up to look like big girls now days. I have mixed feelings about small children in them. A few local small town ones are fine, but it is the Ramsey ones that I dont like. Forcing too much so young. Once in a while is okay. They should be making mud pies, lol. I bet you were sooooooo cute. One day maybe we can share pics of pageants. Our friend wanted to stop too when she was on top and she did. But now she is doing them again. Now days, they do airbrush tans and stuff.

    There was a show a while back showing the behind the scenes and back room stuff with the moms and I was like………OMG, the screaming that was going on. Cant remember the name of the show, grrrrr. I put my son in a walk by costume contest and he won. He was only one and clapped for himself, lol. He was the cutest Peter Pan you ever say, lol. The other one I wanted him to model and he would not do it. He said no way jose. I needed a girl me thinks, like you to put in pageants! My mother and mother in law both won some. I was just too tomboy and was not interested at all. To put a dress on me was like killing me. I hate dresses. I guess that is why I like my dolls now.

    Daniel C…..you will have to come down and see the shows in town and what the girls go through with their hair, lol. You would make a much better Judge!

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  62. Lucky says:

    We sure changed our will after seeing what happened in this story.

  63. Lucky says:

    You can put your wishes seperate from your will. I typed mine of the puter and had it signed, notorized and dated. Good as gold.

  64. Rose says:

    April 24, 2009 Notice of Hearing by Arthur set for May 8 at 9 AM in the Harris County State Court to be heard the multiple Motions Arthur has before the court. Arthur is asking that at least these Motions be heard on May 8; Motion to Compel Responses to Requests for Production from Howard K. Stern (and any supplements which have also been filed, Motion to Compel Responses to Requests for Production from Defendant Teresa Stephens and to Extend Authority of Special Master, Motion for Contempt against Art Harris, Motion for Contempt against defendant Lyndal Harrington, and Motion for Sanctions against Howard K. Stern and L. Lin Wood.


    April 24, 2009, Notice that Arthur has filed an adversarial case stating that the amount to be determined at trial is a non dischargeable debt in Stern’s Bankruptcy.


  65. Beth says:

    “Arthur is asking that at least these Motions be heard on May 8; Motion to Compel Responses to Requests for Production from Howard K. Stern
    and any supplements which have also been filed, Motion to Compel Responses to Requests for Production…” (bla bla bla)

    LOL Here is an opinion on this from OSITO:

    McCabe has called for a Hearing that same 5-8-09 to deal with all his old Motions (compel production, contempt, etc.) that were earlier passed. McCabe also indicated that on that day he would be discussing possible dates for ‘Special Appearances’.

    Should be a fascinating day, since McCabe has impeached the veracity of the defendant whose emails make up the factual basis for his Motions. RT says under oath there was no conspiracy and McCabe calls her a conniver (my word). Yet McCabe also claims RT’s unsworn emails show there was a conspiracy. Does McCabe feel RT only lies when she says things he doesn’t like? Who (but Judge Lindsay) would buy that line of reasoning? LOL End quote.
    I think that McC should just hold his horse! LOL Some of these defendants are not legally even subject ot the TX Jurisdictions Laws yet!
    LOL LOL Smoke and Mirrors for his (5) fans! HA HA

    Watch CBS… Just watch how fast this gets put in Federal Court (if TL (sleeping judge) continues to be McC seemed ‘patsy’… Wonder how much was in her campaign funds while running the election to be Judge? WHO CONTRIBUTED TO HER CAMPAIGN? Just saying and thinking my opinions out loud! :)
    His OCD Motions reek of; ‘I am gonna get you now! NA NA NA NA-Na!!! ;) JMHO on the way those motions are worded!
    The attempt at ‘intimidation’ jumps right off the page at you! LOL I will not go into the type of people who intimidate and the reasons why! LOL LOL Crazy!

  66. Liann says:

    Beth, Hi, Hope all is great with ya, Where are you reading Swims?, The most recent I see is from the 21st. on the Birkhead and Stern reunite in Lawsuit thread. Thanks.

  67. Beth says:

    Can you go to chat?

  68. Febbie says:

    My Australian friend,

    What you are going through now is hard, you will cherish it and always keep the memories close. The spirits are with you each second, with each tear.
    Your mom will rest now without the pain and suffer, to peace of everlasting.

    Thoughts are with you throughout this.

  69. Rose says:

    April 24, 2009 Order from the Bankruptcy Court Granting Virgie Arthur the right to sue Bonnie Stern in California and lifts the automatic stay. It appears that Stern did not fight the lifting of the stay and in the Civil case filed today it show Arthur as “Pro Se”. That is interesting.


  70. John J. Nazarian P.I. says:

    Daniel,I am always interested in helping the underdog, why not as a friend did you not tell ‘pig face’ who does your color? Your hair always looks so good, smooth, shiny, and nice. Then we see you standing next to the ‘smelly one’ it is obvious he needs your professional help. Now there I go again, yup, if you helped him he would still be ‘pig face’ with a nice color( now being a little bit of a country boy I have been to enough state fairs to know that there are some pretty pigs out there…just not this one ) but the hair, OMG those bristles it would still be his! Forgive me to all of you reading this, I was just thinking I was sending this to Daniel and I now realize as I press this little button it went to the world.

    John J. Nazarian, P.I.

  71. Pepper says:

    LOL John!!!
    I sooo disagree about the schools being a mess because the teachers don’t get paid enough!!! I DO agree they are underpaid for what they do, however that does NOT justify the end result. I also have to say, I wouldn’t mind getting paid to work nine months of the year, now with at least 6 extra days per month + weekends off. $82,000…no prob! One thing that would fix the problem is to base salary on MERIT, not just tenure. The unions are so mighty powerful for the teachers that like it or not, some (very few of course) sit on their butts with no accountability.
    While we’re talking about the unfairness of the marriage laws in this country, I have to get something out. I am angry that so many people blamed my Church for what happened in California. The LDS Church is so big on NOT being political..I have NEVER ONCE heard a Bishop, or anyone else, in a meeting suggest a candidate, bill, etc. Not once. That’s not to say that they don’t support things, and the majority of the members no doubt disagree with same sex marriage. And I sure as heck can’t account for where the Church puts all of its money. But to place blame solely on the Church as was done in the media by many, many groups is wrong. For instance, did you know that black people voted 2 to 1 in favor of Prop 8? Would it be fair to blame them for it? Hell no. Anyway, just wanted to point out that there isn’t just one group that caused this. Well, I guess that’s not true, we can blame people who are unfair! :)
    BTW, I am so freaked out about this case now. I am scared about how this crap went down with the judge. I got scared enough once to leave here for several months. This is tapping at me to do it again. I almost can’t even bear the injustice of it anymore. It makes me actually sick.

  72. Pepper says:

    And Daniel~Your hair…OMG…it is AMAZING! Poor Perez, he just looks so…hmmm, homely(?) next to you!

  73. Bewildered says:

    John…did you do a cameo in the movie Frantic? Could of swore I saw you in there…

  74. Daisy says:

    Daniel, I forgot to tell you…You are gorgeous!

    John, I love you! You just say it and I can’t tell you how much it is appreciated. My dad and hubby are like that and I know how rare you kind of men are and I also know how much trouble you get yourselves in because of it 8)

  75. Ken says:

    Check the download section under the casey anthony case, news files are up now. More to come through out the day.

  76. raven says:

    Beth….somebody got the last word in over at tmz on the Stern and Birkhead reunite…. “Reality Bites”. Just how did they manage that? Th comment section is not activated. Hmmm. Such a petty thing for me to be concerned about. :)

  77. hmm says:

    Perhaps someone could explain to me what the 40 bloggers have to do with this case.Did they send e-mails McShame did not approve of?Did some of the e-mails contain something he thinks he can use?Someone had to give those names for a reason.Why are Kim and AD not in with those people as they sent their own Chats to QV and they said that themselves.Why the big deal about these 40 people? I can understand Rose Lyndal and Butterfly cause of the jurisdiction and they are needed for possible jurisdiction but the others I can’t fathom.
    I still can’t believe the reclusal was denied and McShames court documents I couldn’t even finish reading his garbage.The Man is an embarrasement to even Texas Attorneys
    TRNMUS from your comment back a ways I too know about others,family members ect taking my pain meds when I wasn’t watching and since i don’t take pain meds very often never missed them for quite some time.
    Lucky didn’t I see where Lin Woods was to see e-mails first of something the judge said.It seems I remember Rose saying she did not know she should have given them to Woods first and only found out later that she should have.Another of McShame’s shameful tactics.
    I know as things get closer their will be a lot of pressure and people will get upset with each other but I would hope we can all get past that sort of thing.I would hope we would not be another blog like QV o,I’M told, topic or TMZ,as the dark side is back their again.
    I will say none of us knows what we would do if we walked in anothers shoes!!!Let that be the end of it Ok off my rant

  78. Liann says:

    hmm, I agree with you. I think that McC’s way of thinking completely lacks any logic actually I think the whole case and court completely lacks any kind of logic, imo, I don’t think logic of any sort from him is not in the agenda on his revenge mission, Ok McC sues in Fed Crt, Judge does not buy it, McC realizes that withdraws, somehow imo finagles it to be in a Crt. that is favorable to him to be heard by someone that refers to motions as inches and never even seemed to consider any of the motions only asked imo what she could do to accommodate McC, The bias was oozing from that transcript, I am still saying WTH, if the law states that there must only be the appearance of impartiality, which is so blantly clear (excuse me) but one would have to be blind deaf and dumb not to see the bias or the other alternative is a corrupt system at work imo.

  79. Aggie says:

    #77 Raven…the TMZ story you mentioned closed the other day…from what I understand TMZ closes a story after 90 days. The link to where “Only swim in the Ocean”, “Facts, please” and other smart & informed bloggers are now posting is at the bottom of this posting by Facts, please.


    Since you raised this issue, I will give you my opinion which nobody will agree with–but that has never stopped me before about anything in my life. :-)

    RT is not the issue in any of this–she is a ‘lowly’ defendant and was a lowly pro-se defendant when she was adopted by McCrap for his own evil purposes–to gain access to her email cache–female chatter but mostly to use her for nefarious purposes as exemplified by the Motion to Designate Third Parties. THIS is the crux of the issue IMO and reflects a bizarre relationship engineered by the plaintiff’s attorney. After stalking and harassing her for two years via the internet; via the Tyler, TX court in Subpoena Gate (reminiscent of WV Subpoena Gate) by making RT THE VILLAIN of the internet–it was obvious she was his main focus. Remember, it was the bumpkin QV who initiated the call to arms, aided and abetted subsequently by Havana (the shill planted in AH forums).

    So, if you were part of the internet blogging at that time, as most of us were, you will surely remember the daily, hourly ANTI-ROSE chants, as a matter of fact it began to occupy TMZ blogs to the point they had to erase 30,000 posts. That’s when QV and McCrap were heating up the GET ROSE campaign–around November 2008.

    Art Harris became another target and QV led that merry-go-round of hate, hate, hate.

    Fast forward–the strange facts of the relationship between McCrap and the defendant RT speaks volumes to anyone who bothers to examine same from the perspective of THE LAW and not from an emotional, judgmental anti-Rose prism. Her persona is what led her to him–it is what broke him. That is MY OPINION.

    So, to make a long story short–The Affidavit is of interest in this sense–as I have opined. It is not HER credibility that is of interest–it is HIS. He is the officer of the court, bound by a code of ethics as laid out by the Bar Association. It is he who represent a prominent law firm and it is he who has brought forward a case of increasing proportions targeting ten defendants who don’t even know each other, most of them diverse (out=of-state residents).

    It is McCabe’s case; it is McCabe’s villain story; it is McCabe’s client (heroine) story; he is the protagonist. It is his credibility that is open to discussion and on the line. Let him live with that, because all of his name calling attacks on Lin Wood, Bonnie Stern, the vicious attacks on Art Harris he has propagated in his doc uments; the attempts to equate himself with RT (the lowly pro se blogger defendant), leave him open and ripe for the picking. He called her THREE TIMES? He wrote email after email to her? He discussed the case with her??? He discussed other cases with her??? He begged for information as to what she had ‘given’ to CB S lawyers???? He used her and abused her–she was sent a signature page by fax to sign for a motion HE WROTE!!!

    I rest my case :-)
    Posted at 5:14PM on Apr 25th 2009 by Facts, please

    216. correction:

    the campaign to get Rose (and Butterfly, and everybody else) was heating up in November 2007 (not 2008).

    Posted at 5:50PM on Apr 25th 2009 by Facts, please


  80. Liann says:

    I am not trying to put down anyone’s church or religious beliefs, But the commercials and ads that ran during Prop 8 from the LDS was amazing, I have never imo seen them jump on such a bandwagon ever.! Fact, I am sure they were not the only factor, But imo they did all they could to not have it pass. I saw it with my own eyes.

    Perez Hilton? Are you kidding me? Has anyone seen his site? I am sure alot has, He is a ASS, to me he is like a 7th grader with a web site. All of his doctoring of pictures with what he does is so childish, How anyone can take his opinion or even cares what he says serious is beyond me.

  81. Lucky says:

    hmmm…..Im not I understand what you mean. I remember Ad and Kim saying the chats would prove them wrong. Gosh that was so long ago I had forgotten about it. Let me know what you mean so I can better undstand you.

    We will have to wait and see what this Judge does. Im sure many are watching her every move. They will IMO have an excellent appeal and hopely a good dismissal. The bloggers should have never been allowed, for me that I know.

    I only have a few minutes here to read, so I will check back for your post later. Take care girl.

  82. raven says:

    Thanks Aggie 80 Yes, I spent some time there last evening reading the comments by Swims, Facts (and others). :)

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