Nikki Sixx with a friend at his brithday party as Sixx turned 50

That is what many of Nikki Sixx’s “friends” are wondering especially after his fiftieth birthday party; see picture at left that Rose was able to obtain from Sixx’s birthday bash. Is Nikki Sixx in need of a trip to rehab?

“Friends” are beginning to wonder if Nikki Sixx is on his way back for another stint in rehab for his ongoing battle with alcohol and drugs. Inside of Sixx’s “bubble”, those who are close to him allegedly are now saying “Yes”, and that some are sheltering Sixx, instead of demanding the Rock and Roll star face reality. Many of those within Sixx’s “bubble” are dependent on Sixx for their income so perhaps instead of confronting the hard rocker it is easier and safer to look the other way.

Nikki Sixx partying in Texas 2006

In the picture gallery on this page, you will see what those close to Sixx have seen allegedly beginning in 2006, Sixx began his usual pattern that many have witness allegedly starting with alcohol and then increasing until Sixx is speeding out of control and alcohol gives way to stronger substances.

It would appear from the pictures here in our gallery that Sixx might not have been entirely honest during the 2007 court hearings to divide the property assets with his ex-wife Donna D’Errico when he told the court he had not used drugs nor even drank since his last trip to rehab in 2001.

Nikki Sixx gets by with the help of a friend

It is not the leaning on a friend allegedly to be able to leave a party that has Sixx’s friends worried; it is that some from the inside report that all of Sixx’s children were with him for his fiftieth birthday party “bash”. Some felt they should not have been around their father in that condition, especially his youngest daughter who is only seven.

We know some are going to say that it is not “booze in that glass” Sixx is holding but only “coke” on ice. However, after having his youngest daughter at his all out birthday bash whispers turning to stronger comments are beginning to say that it is past time for Sixx to check in to rehab and get some help to keep his addictions under control.

Nikki Sixx lets party baby

From strip clubs in Texas to across the country it appears it is harder for Sixx’s “bubble” to prevent others from leaking pictures of what seems to be a partying impaired Nikki. Hopefully if what the rumor mill is beginning to hum louder in Hollyweird is true, Nikki will drop the friendships with those that foster his addictions and get help so that his children are able to see dad without nannies to care for them and to keep them occupied while allegedly Nikki is “occupied”.

For the “bubble” to begin to break, pictures taken and shared, it is time to think that Sixx’s ongoing battle with addiction is just that, an ongoing battle. If that is the case all the more sad that Rock stars surround themselves with people dependant of them for a salary and are silently watching their employers, in this case Sixx, spiral downward.

Nikki Sixx with coke in hand

Here’s hoping that the rumors are just that, rumors, but do pictures lie? There is an old saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words”; if that is true are these worth five thousand words?

“Friends” in the outer fringes of Nikki Sixx’s “bubble” fear that he is once again in need of a reality check and more importantly a dose of reality in rehab. At fifty Sixx is not going to be able to shake off addictions and remain healthy as he could at age thirty.

It is rumored that Nikki’s ex-wife Donna D’Errico is bringing some firepower if she and Sixx are headed back to court. D’Errico’s new lawyer Lisa Helfend Meyer is known to be a top-notch “hired gun” when it comes to “those” things . The trip back to court, if it happens, might be more importantly based on allegations that this young daughter not be around for parties with an alleged impaired dad.

Our next article will have some surprising revelations about Nikki Sixx’s book, however the Madame “Nici”, hopefully is out of the picture and will not bring her own set of troubles into the life of Sixx and his children.

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January 10, 2009
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51 Responses to “Is Nikki Sixx Headed Back to Rehab?”
  1. Tianna says:

    What’s the old saying? People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

    I’m sure his kid’s will be real proud of their Dad in some of these pictures.

    I know he is a rock star and lives and rock and roll life, but he had better think about how his young daughter will feel if she or any of his kids see some of these pictures.

  2. Rose says:

    Tianna, and we blurred the pictures … sadly …. yes we have the original unaltered pictures, or we would NOT have published any

  3. John J. Nazarian, P.I. says:

    LMAO….now, this is the same guy who has convinced a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge, Trent Lewis that he is sober and clean, like a pigs ass! All I can say about this is that if bullshit could fly this guy would be the ‘space shuttle’. I would encourage anyone who has a mansion full of skeletons to hire Gary Fishbein, Esquire. Gary is not a good lawyer, he is a great lawyer who I very much respect but what was the judge listening to? Was there ‘water on the inner ear?’ as I know he enjoys surfing and this judge was a family law practitioner before becoming his ‘honor’.

    This case takes the cake on so many fronts that I would be here all day typing my little fingers to the bone to cover all of them. There has been so much bullshit thrown around Dept. 79 I feel that when I show up next time I should be wearing farmer jeans and a big straw hat. For that matter I should bring some daisy and daffodils and do some planting in the aisles! Oh one more thing, boots, yup all the way up to my knees. Judge Lewis what were you thinking that Mr. Sixxs is ‘daddy’, he is in fact a father and a great provider and all of these pictures show what ‘Da Rock n Roll’ business is alive and well in Mr. Sixx……..nothing bad depending on your perspective, but better than the life style of the child’s mother………Hmmmm, I think NOT!

    This case stinks of some very good lawyering on the part of Mr. Fishbein and some horrible representation of Ms. D’Errico by her former lawyers, ( I heard that one took her wedding ring for collateral and then kept it for PAYMENT!) that was till the last 7 weeks when Ms.Lisa H. Meyers took the case and the change is becoming a little uncomfortable for ‘Da Rocker’. Dos dam tight pants are beginning to crimp the blood flow. Things will get much clearer once those I & E ‘s show up! Oh Oh…..there goes the money………..funny this guy has never had much of a problem in paying ‘The Ladys’ except he appears to not want to pay the right lady, the mother of his child. Ooops, I almost forgot, he even conned the judge to lower his child support to Donna as he was having’ tough times’ and Judge Lewis lowered his support payments? What gives! What, did he miss any payments on his Bentley? His honor should have told him to sell the dam Bentley. But noooooo, it was OK Mr. Sixx ‘is this low enough for you?’ un – F*%#ing believable!

    Now, multi millions in record deals and head of a studio and clothing line….show me the money! And folks if you ever get a chance to see him in court this guy is as smooth as whale shit. He is almost as entertaining as when he is on the ‘real’ stage. He is so cool and again, The Judge is sitting there and buying all of it……..this should be a DIVORCE case for everyone who ever thought about dumping Da X rocker should review and please hire Gary Fishbein or Lisa Helfend Meyer……..these two are titans in the courtroom.

    We are all hoping that Lisa Helfend Meyer will be able to level the ‘playing field’ in the days and weeks to come. I dont care who you are, you could see the truth even if your face was buried in a box of eclairs it is that obvious to all of us……also if any of you have your favorite photo of Mr. Sixx please send it along, as long as it is between October 1, 2008 to present… away kids!

    John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator / Security Consultant

  4. […] the original post: Is Nikki Sixx Headed Back to Rehab? Tags: "nikki, article, children, high-proflie-trials, january-10th, nikki-sixs, nikki-sixx, […]

  5. John J. Nazarian, P.I. says:

    Tianna, it would appear the only people who are offended by those pictures are you and me! It would seem, sadly enough, no one else in positions of ‘authority’ find much wrong and even have the gall to question if he as fallen of the wagon! Look closely you will see wagon tracks, he got hit and run over by the dam wagon! ‘ I see no reason to question his sobriety!’ WHAT!

    Only in L.A. Courts!

    John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator

  6. John J. Nazarian, P.I. says:

    Oh Oh oh, ( I am channeling Joe Pesci) one more thing, a picture is worth a thousand words………EXCEPT IN LOS ANGELES COURTS! I love Coca Cola, but that looks like wine to me, any ‘winos’ want to chime in?

    John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator

  7. Daisy says:

    I think a lot of them look away because they are right in there with them doing the same thing.

    I hope, for the sake of the children, he gets the help he needs sadly many of these so called famous people loss grip on
    right and wrong and their life becomes self centered and unbalanced.

  8. Liann says:

    This seems to be a on ongoing battle between Nikki and Donna, I don’t know his personal life but for the child’s sake and his sake that if he has indeed relapsed or whatever that he does seek help, I truly believe that addicts have a life long journey ahead of them in recovery. I also believe that any father or mother should consider the child in their decisions and behavior. In divorce cases regardless of how the parents feel about each other they need to be adult enough to put that a side and focus on what is best for the children. As far as child support, I think that any parent that has to pay child support should pay the most amount that they can and not try to wiesel out anything, there are ways to make sure that the money is in fact going to the child’s benefit.
    I wonder why I hate that expression (leveling the play field)?..

    Thanks Rose for the article and I am wishing everyone a great new year!

  9. Roxanne says:

    He’s an addict that has apparently fell off the wagon again. It’s an ongoing battle and one I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Let’s all make fun of the addict because he’s fallen off again…..sorry I don’t see the humor. If he lied in court he shouldn’t have and the wrong should be corrected and his children should be safe at all times. If he has them around then he shouldn’t be doing anything that could put them in harms way but if those kids aren’t around him during that time then I don’t see how splashing his private life all over the internet is anyones business and I damn sure don’t think it’s anyones place to try to make trouble for someone else. I don’t care who’s side of the damn fence your own.

  10. Liann says:

    I am not supporting any one’s defence here or otherwise, But I can clearly see the agenda here, And it appears to me to be only Donna’s side for now, and I trust that Rose will put up any court documents that she has on this matter to support all sides.

  11. John J. Nazarian, P.I. says:

    I would encourage Rose to find ANY, ANY pictures of Ms. D’Errico in a negative setting…….they dont exists. Like so many women who get thrown to the wolves during a DIVORCE proceeding she is a member of a very large club in the United States. Thank god we are in California, were even at its worst, the courts are better for women than lets say Ohio. Yes sirree give me a level playing field anytime to play ball on!
    Rose, get two mugs of hot chocolate as you look for disparaging photos of Ms. D’ Errico. This will be my last comment on this case on this site. will be doing a series on this subject reflecting back on the facts of DIVORCE and the how the game is played, and say what you will, it is all a game. A game of who can screw over a former loved one out what is legally theirs and thus, not do the right thing. That is why we must always level the playing field and keep it level. And in this country I am one of the great levelers and Lisa Helfend Meyer is not too bad either.

    All my best,

    John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator / Security Consultant

  12. heath says:

    Sometimes I wish that children could sue their parents for drug and alchohol abuse ,The effect on children affects all of their life and they had no choice,.

    This guy thinks he can get away with lies in court even when he is photographed.
    These photos are not spy photos, this idiot actually has posed for them.

    Yeah and if he can pay Hookers he can pay for his Wife and Kids.

    Sober since 2001, bullshit.

  13. Daisy says:

    me too heath, some how there should be a way to hold these parents accountable for their actions maybe if they knew they would
    lose assets it would make them think twice.

  14. Tianna says:

    Gotta love tell it like it is Naz, I do find that refreshing as so many in Hollyweird lie there faces off. I don’t know too much about this case, but I have been reading up on it and trying to learn more.

    First of all yes he is a rock star, and yes he has had some problems……….so of course the press is after some good pictures. With him leading the rock and roll life style, and being a well known rock and roller, he has to realize that he is going to be filmed at any time and at any place. He wanted to be famous or a least a well known rocker, well the press comes along with that no matter who you are and I am sure he knows that. So maybe if he wants to party on and have his picture taken with half naked woman, he should be a little more discret(sp). I’m not saying he shouldn’t have his privacy, but when you are well known as he is, he should of thought about his children first imo. We all have to grow up someday and put our kid’s first. He must of known that there is a good chance of some pictures like these getting out. It’s not like he is new to the game or anything. So is it because he just dosen’t give a chit or is it he is to impared to care?????

    Now if it is true that she had to give her wedding ring to a lawyer as payment, something just dosen’t seem right. I guess if he is giving her enough money and she was just blowing it all that would be one thing, but if she is that broke because he hasn’t given her what is rightfully hers and her childs then there is something very screwed up with that, Hollyweird or not!!

    I read most of all the Hollywood gossip most of the time and visit web sites and read up on what is going on. I can honestly say I haven’t seen any pictures of Donna out drunk and acting up with half naked man ( of course she would be labeled a ho if there were pictures) seems to be a little double standard when it comes to stuff like that. If it is a man, most say oh he’s cool and if it is a woman with a half naked man most say oh she’s a sl!!. Now I have no idea if there are pictures of Donna out there, but I know I haven’t seen any.

    I don’t care who you are or what you are, but if you have kid’s I feel you should try to protect them in every way and this includes having enough common sence to realize he’s famous and people thrieve on something like this especially when there are pictures.

    If he is back on drugs or alcohol, maybe this could be a wake call for him, and he can get some help and go back to rehab.

    Of course there are 2 sides to every story, but right now he isn’t putting himself in the best postion, and untill I see some proof of anything different I would have to say tsk tsk Nikki Sixx!!!

  15. Tianna says:

    I forgot to add, if it is true that she was out being a hooker, while she has a young daughter, then she is not any better than what he is doing. I just haven’t seen any proof that she was a hooker. I just hope a judge makes the right decision and does an evauation of the whole situation and does what’s best for their little girl.

  16. natalie says:

    I am not taking sides and Nikki Sixx is a lying pig but Donna has

    A. posed nude or half nude for his clothing line all the while showing up to events with Nikki dressed like a dirty prostitute.

    B. Went on a Motley Crue stage dressed as a slutty cop and took her top off and flashed the audience her plastic breasts and acted slutty.

    C.Admitted to doing cocaine while she was taking care of Nikki Sixx’s children in an interview from a heavy metal website Granted, he was doing it, too.

    D. Went on Howard Stern and laughed as Howard spoke to her like she was a common whore. Admitted to Howard that she and Nikki brough strangers into their bedrooms. This would be in direct juxtapose to both being parents to their children. She did this on a live radiostation broadcast to dozens of strangers.

    And this is all things we know. Can’t there be more?

    Basically my question is, they both have skeletons so can’t Nikki just counter? He is a coniving person, so I’m sure he is already scheming. He can provide footage of her acting like a naked slut on stage and all that other stuff, too while she was supposedly being a loving mom. Not exactly Florence Henderson. Neither is he but you get what I mean? Neither of them look like upstanding parents with the low-life things they did in the media while they were both raising their family.

    I don’t doubt that Donna probably just did those things for him. She is a different person now but will the judges and courts care about why it was done? I guess we’ll see.

    Lastly, Nikki Sixx was diagnosed as a narcissist according to Donna right? Can this actually help him? If he is mentally ill?

  17. natalie says:

    I forgot to add.

    You can see the photos of Donna posing nude for his clothing line by googling Donna outlaw clothing.
    The slutty cop thing you can just youtube it as Nikki Sixx’s 40th birthday.
    The Howard Stern thing you can probably google to. She was on promoting Comic Book the Movie.

    Donna also made that fake sex tape where she was topless and fondling some heavy man’s crotch to promote Comic Book the Movie around the time the Paris tapes came out. It was a spoof but not exactly “Mother of the year!” behavior. A slutty mother (whether fake slutty or real slutty) can be detrimental to a child, too I would imagine.

    You can google “Donna D’errico Sex tape” and I’m sure you’ll find that, too.

    Aren’t these all things Nikki can use too?

    This Lisa lawyer better find something better, I’m afraid.

  18. Liann says:

    Well I guess it depends on what one’s perception is of a negative setting, what I just googled regarding Donna imo is not flattering at all, but I don’t know the whole story so all I am saying is that there are two sides to every divorce and the ugly truth is that divorce is not pretty and the kids are the ones that suffer and that is just horrible. I hope for the kids sake that Nikki and Donna just do the right thing for the children.

  19. Tianna says:

    Well I guess I have some goggling to do, I didn’t know any of these things…………I guess if any of this stuff on either side is true, all we can hope is that a judge makes the right choices and have both of them evaluated and somebody check on this little girl and make sure she is ok. I would hope that if this is true that they will keep on checking on the family and not just a one time thing.

  20. Rose says:

    #16 and #17 There is a sex tape “star” with the same name as Donna, but it is not the one that was married to Nikki Sixx to the best of my knowledge, could you provide us a couple of links please… thanks … :)

  21. Liann says:

    Here you go Rose, I googled Donna D’Errico + sex tape and I also googled the movie called Comic Book The movie and it was directed by Mark Hamill from the Star Wars fame and here is another link about that and yes she was in it.

  22. John J. Nazarian, P.I. says:

    Rose I have to apologize, I forgot to tell you that Donna was an actress and Playmate back in the day.( thus all this bullshit “rose look at this and Rose look at that ) And when I told you to get some Hot Chocolate, I wanted to put a date range ( and I did forget to ) and for all of you as you ramble through the internet looking for Donna this and Donna that …..I will give you 2005 to present. Now that is what I mean by “leveling” the playing field, Donna 2005-2009 Nikki 2005 -2009, And I still have not sprung the best photo yet…..put your pointed hats away and the long black coats and while I am at it, I will take the liberty to piss on the fire you were getting ready to dance around….I sooo love America!
    And I so hope that for all the female fans of Rosespeaks you never have the opportunity to get a DIVORCE and have to fight for your financial as well as your personal life.
    Sleep well ‘gang’, Rose do you have a little steamed milk for my hot chocolate?

    John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator

  23. Liann says:

    John, Please know that I do respect you and your opinions, From my understanding what I know about this site is that we do ask questions and want all sides, As a matter of fact I think that Rose encourages it, Rose does not spoon feed us at all! Rose please correct me if I am wrong. All I know is that I want to judge for myself, again I am not on Nikki’s side on this I am not on no ones side well except the kids they have to live with all of this, We look at both sides, As you well know Divorces are messy and ugly but there is never just one side.

  24. Liann says:

    What exactly is it that Donna is asking?.. Community property? He wrote a book and is she entitled to that share of the profits or all his other ventures under community property or the income from that because they were still or not married when it was published and he was touring? What is this all about? and what is he denying her?

  25. Rose says:

    Good job Liann yes we do encourage both sides and I have meant it when I said, “links please” and “let google be your friend”… I am not sure what the latest court things are over because it is suppose to be sealed for the children’s sake… I would bet though it is about child support and who has primary custody, especially of one or both parents travel a lot (I. E. on tour or movie sets).

    I don’t think for a second any of us would ever assume that Mother Teresa would have married Nikki Sixx and stayed for 10 years… just is not plausible… NIMO… LOL… however it is good to look at the past, the present and perhaps glean a bit about what the future might be about…

    Remember folks we cut our baby teeth on the ANS sagas from sea to sea and in a few foreign countries… and look where we are today… :) I mean his is a hard Rock star right???

  26. heath says:

    Hi John,

    You know by now we are always asking how what when where and WHY.

    I have a lot of faith in your opinion and your take on things is pretty much mine.

    My thing is what about the Kiddies in stuff like this. Parents have already done stupid things.

    In Australia we have no fault divorce just live apart for a year and fill in the paper work.Oh yeah it costs 300 dollars

    Property is divided by a formula and child support is a percentage of taxable earnings taken usually straight from salaries or failing that out of tax returns. The judge has to sign off on it and not much you can do to change it, except lie about assets

    We have learnt to streamline it because of the disadvantages of when 1 partner has more money.

    So re my black coat and pointy hat I always wear mine with style and red shoes……..and the fire is a barbeque…

    P.S if my daughter came home with a rock star I would lock her up for a long time

  27. natalie says:


    Please forgive me.

    I didn’t mean to turn this into “Hey Rose, look at Donna being a slut therefore Nikki is father of the year!” and I do agree that
    Donna 2005-2009 VS. Nikki 2005-2009 or (even Donna=entire life VS. Nikki=Entire life ) would pale in comparison with Nikki Sixx
    winning the trophy for the utmost dishonesty and god knows what else.
    However, I am willing to bet that if Donna’s lawyer brings these photos up in court, for instance, of Nikki Sixx with a stripper on his lap and wine in his hand (some photos dating back to 2001, same time Donna admitted herself to using Cocaine or “blow” as she referred to it as and laughing with Howard Stern while he said he wanted to bang the crap out of her and degraded her) and sit there and try to tell the judge “Well, he is an unfit father” Can’t Nikki bring Donna’s skeletons (information provided in these links) out as well saying she’s basically a slut who bounces her bear plastic breasts in front of the faces of strange men and has done so up until 2006?

    That is my only question? Can they look at that stuff, too? If she’d be using photos from 2001 and 2002 can’t he do the same is what I am saying? I am saying I hope Lisa finds better incriminating evidence is all.

  28. natalie says:

    Also Donna claims now that Nikki physically abused her. “Battering” is the word she used. Vist which I don’t doubt for a second but
    Why did she never bring this up in court?

  29. Roxanne says:

    I haven’t read all the comments but I will say Rose… it’s time to get in touch with Nikki Sixx somehow and get his side of this. Give him a fair shot to state his side. It seems there is an agenda here and I know for myself, I want to know ALL sides of the story.

    I don’t know much about Donna or her career. She is a beautiful woman who seems to have a pretty successful career but I doubt she is Mother Theresa.

  30. John J. Nazarian, P.I. says:

    Heath, every state is different in the U.S. and it is often seen when someone with money wants to ‘hedge’ the bet that they will buy or have a ‘ apartment’ in a state that favors the male in the event of a divorce. Not so much a ‘male’ thing, but more of a ‘ community property’ issues. And that will be the state that the marriage takes place in and then the hope is all will live happily ever after….. most will last 5 years or less in the U.S.
    Also it is true, when there is little or no money or assets the process is much easier and can be much faster. However, it is classic that assets will be hidden and or one side or the other tries to play games with the court.
    Heath, I will never not tell the truth on these issues and I appreciate your comments!

    John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator

  31. Liann says:

    For anyone that is interested, Check out Nikki on LA Ink tonight the 15th it is not a rerun, It is about his charity work with Covenant House on The Learning Channel. I also ran across this, Nikki on Capitol Hill.

  32. Liann says:

    Well I tried to post a couple of links about Nikki talking about his kids and advise he got on parenting, and another from Sixx Am called Life is Beautiful. I am not sure why it is not posting the links but if you are interested check out youtube.

  33. Liann says:

    Hey maybe it worked, If it did I am surprised, Need to check it out…. I am not sure what the problem is or was….but cool….

  34. Great blog! Loved the article. Thanks

  35. Nancy says:

    Obviously a Donna Fan. Do you get your kicks bashing everyone and doctoring pictures and not from blurring things out. Maybe a few old pics? Your a jerk!!

  36. GLAM-NOT says:

    OHH NANCY.. true to the end huh..

    Well.. if you were ACTUALLY a fan, you would notice that in two of those pics, he is wearing jackets from his new line of clothes.. and one pic has KAT VD in it.. making it within the last year.

    Face it honey.. he fell off the wagon and broke your heart…

    I think it’s pathetic. There’s no excuse for it.

  37. natalie says:

    Why hasn’t Donna come forward in court with his physical abuse towards her??
    Why has this never been mentioned? She came forward with him beating her on
    but never brought it up in court?! Somethind fishy about that??

  38. Sue says:

    I am an old friend of Nikki from “back in the day”, so I am well aware of what he looks like when he’s ‘under the influence.’ I’m also a recovering addict myself – 8 years, completely drug/alcohol free. No matter how strong a person’s recovery appears, there is always the chance of relapse. The atmosphere Nikki lives in, day in and day out, is NOT condusive to strong recovery. His line of work puts him in danger, especially when he’s on the road. After awhile, it becomes almost necessary to show your face at different events – which are held mostly in clubs and bars – and if you sit in a barbershop long enough, you’ll get a haircut.

    I’m on Nikki’s side 100%. However, unfortunately he does appear to be intoxicated in a few of those pics. And I’ve seen others of him over the last 3-4 years where he’s looked less than ‘sober’. But this is the everyday obstacle addicts have to face. For most people, when they relapse, the worst that happens is that their mugshot ends up on the Sheriff’s website. But for Nikki, he is a public figure so if he relapsed, it is disparagingly plastered all over the internet, tv, etc. He doesn’t have the privilege of anonymity. I can’t even imagine how difficult that may be.

    Nikki is his own worst enemy. With the recent exception of Kat, his usual choice for a relationship is your rockstar stereotype – fake tits, fake hair, playboy centerfold…………… No wonder he’s had issues. His biggest problem was going after what amounted to no more than an accessory. Kat, on the other hand, is a psychologically interesting choice. She is a female version of him. The shrinks can have a field day with that one. My own personal opinion of that whole relationship is that he is going through a mid-life crisis and she is using his notoriety to further her own agenda. Truthfully, how many people in the mainstream were even aware of Kat Von D before she started up with Nikki?? I think she’s an amazing artist, however, I don’t think she’s the best influence on Nikki. I’ve seen too many photos of her with booze bottles to believe she’s sober. Matter of fact, on a recent episode of LA Ink, she took her staff to Cruefest and in the back of the limo she’s opening bottles of champagne. I didn’t see her guzzle one, but that is not the behavior of somebody in recovery either. As for his history with women. He’s right. CHICKS = TROUBLE

    Bottom line is: if Nikki has indeed relapsed, then he needs to get help. It seems that ever since Nikki got clean for good in 2001, people have been waiting for the other shoe to drop. But, before anybody makes an accusation they had better have proof. There is alot more at stake here than some public humiliation and some really bad photographs. Nikki suffers from the disease of addiction. Addiction is a disease – it’s not a moral deficiency. We all should treat Nikki with the same compassion we show anyone with a chronic illness. And while you’re at it – pray for him.

  39. Natalie says:

    Nikki looks completely wasted in those photos. and with the way this man seems to lie, I question whether or not he’s ever really been on any sort of wagon other than the BS wagon.

    The thing is, he most likely lied in court. He claimed sobriety for what, 7 years or so? That’s the issue here. He lied, won over the judges somehow ($$$$$$ perhaps that Donna did not have) and screwed over his ex wife out of money, I feel, she deserved if she did ,in fact ,contribute a great deal to their family.
    She helped build what he has, in a way, therefore, she’s an asset. This is what she has to prove, perhaps?

    Actually, it’s interesting that you say that nobody knew who Von D was before she started datng
    Nikki because I know Teenagers who know of him as Kat Von D’s boyfriend and some even say “what band was he in??? Poison or Def Leppard or something? Haha. My friends nephews were big Miami Ink and La ink fans. They’ve since grown out of the ink shows now, I think.

    In this day and age, Nikki is the less famous one and he knew that, I believe. I truthfully think that it was Nikki who started dating Kat for his own agenda and I’ll bet it wasn’t too hard to woo her at all seeing how big of a Motley Crue fan she is. Didn’t he go around trying to brag about her all over the place when he “snagged her” and was pretty much met with yawns? He needed something or someone to get him invited to the MTV awards and what not. Really, when was the last time you saw Nikki Sixx in people magazine before Kat? He’s been around for longer than Kat, in the business, and most likely will be around even longer but at the moment, her fame was what he thought he needed maybe? Unfortunately, for her, I believe he may have soiled her reputation more than it already was soiled or just the act of leaving her fiance for another man is maybe what dd her in. Her ex fiance was the 2nd man she left for another man, publicly, right? Other man? Nikki. That can’t look good.

    I truly believe he is using Kat Von D. He is using her the same as he used Donna, his other playboy wife and whoever else has come into his life. Generally, men like him have no real relationships. There’s always an alterior motive.

    He makes it very obvious
    of how insecure he is by who he chooses to “Be seen ” with. In the 90s, it was the fake tits and blond hair. Now that that look has become yesterdays news, he opts for something more of today.

    Sad thing is, he’s had children with “yesterday’s news”. Whatever his motives are for who he married and had children with, he needs to pay the consequences now, I believe, for their children.

    I don’t know if Kat is sober but something tells me she is far from an addict, as Nikki is. She can have a drink, 2, 17, go overboard for a weekend and quit altogether.

  40. Natalie says:

    I’m sorry my post up there went off on many tangents. Bottom line is, he could have lied in court and Donna having poor representation got screwed out of what was owed to her, monetarily(is that a word?) speaking and not monetary.

  41. Hi. Not totally agree with you, but you just gave me an idea for a new eBook regarding \”eaks » Is Nikki Sixx Headed Back to Rehab?\”. It is related to chocolate pigs blood. Thanks.

  42. aly says:

    His outburst in San Diego truly shows his deep seeded problem–he hates women–which means his daughters. Wht the kids experienced on the tour buses and tours is just not healthy. Kat will be used and discarded as his past shows.

  43. Sue says:

    Oh for God’s sake. Throwing stuff into the audience is expected. Some superfans will save that shit forever and/or post it on e-bay. However, tossing something ON the stage can be dangerous. Even though it was not a copious amount, water and electricity is a nasty combo. Equipment can short out, the performers can either suffer a nasty electrical shock or slip and fall. Has anyone taken the time to think of what would happen if MICK slipped and fell on the wet stage??? With his chronic problem, an injury would probably cancel the rest of the tour. No, of course nobody would think of that. Too busy stirring the pot.

    And another thing. Have YOU personally witnessed unhealthy behavior on Nikki’s tourbus when the kids were on board? Hmmm…I think not and until you actually do see something, stop spreading around unsubstantiated gossip.

    Quit trying to read something into Nikki’s “outburst”. Just because he told some dumb schmuck to suck his dick doesn’t mean he hates women. He overreacted. Stop playing armchair analyst.

  44. Sherry says:

    Please get yourself the help you know you need. Don’t let these “haters” discourage you. I have been a Motley Crue fan for 25 years. You have literly saved my life twice now, once at home as a confused teenager and once in Iraq under some VERY extreem conditions. Please, for yourself only, get help NOW. Before its too late, (again!). Know yhat your loyal fans do include soldiers. We love you.
    -SGT Friend, US Army, Active

  45. Sherry says:

    Danm typeos!

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